Overheard At The Salon

“A famous satirical print of the time depicted ‘His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, with a Lady of Quality, going to Ascot Races’ – his companion being plainly neither a Lady or of Quality.” – Oriella Charik – Royal Ascot!


“Ideas that were soft at first but hardened when built.” – Ceejay Writer – Secret Societies!


“I wondered why my flirting was taken as being polite and determined that I was obviously doing something wrong.” – Selena Anansi – Flirting!


Jedburgh Dagger: “In 1862 W.V. Adams patented the first modern style ratcheting handcuffs…” Tepic Harlequin: “Dang busybody…” – Peelers!


“May the Yuletide log slip from your fire and burn your house down.” – Professor Parx – Clausology!