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Doggerel! Salon Attendees Poetry

During the Doggerel! salon, attendees were encouraged to share their own poetry. Please enjoy these creative poems.

Four limericks and a ditty, submitted by Rory Torrance

A lady who lived in Kentucky
Considered herself rather lucky
To find that her chickens
Were bald as the dickens —
She said “I’m just not very plucky!”

A playboy, all handsome and tanned,
Whose waistline began to expand,
Said “Will I get fat?
“Well, who ordered that?
“It must be because of a gland!”

A serious fellow from Maine,
Found alcohol made him inane.
He said “When I drink,
“I can’t even think —
“It’s perfect for resting my brain!”

My toothless and grumpy grampaw,
Who wanted to eat a bear-claw,
Decided to render
It down in a blender,
And just suck it up through a straw!

I’ve never tasted chocolate beer,
And never thought I’d try it,
But I can tell you, now and here,
I’d rather try than buy it!

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