Caledon on the Aethernet

Caledon is a large grouping of 19th Century themed sims. The region turned 14 years old in February, 2020. SL Newser wrote an article about this anniversary, which gives you a glimpse into the rich and lively social life of Caledonians. They do love a party.

While visiting Caledon, keep an eye open for the Raglan Shire tinies. These small members the Caledon population are very active, very cute, and always looking for an excuse to riverdance or eat waffles.

Ready to Visit Caledon? Let’s Go!

The Caledon Directory
A listing of 37 public spaces in the Second Life micronation of Caledon.

Caledon Welcome Center In Second Life 

Second Life’s Caledon Destination Page includes a picture, region description and teleport link.

Are You New to Second Life?

Caledon Oxbridge is a Second Life learning center, created especially for newcomers. You can enroll as a student at Oxbridge University to increase your in-world skills. Learn more about Oxbridge University at the institution’s website

Not in Second Life yet? Learn about Second Life, and how you can join us.

Finding Caledon on the Aethernet

Your invitation to join the Caledon Discord Server 

The Aether Chrononauts calendar lists Second Life events throughout the steamlands, including Caledon.