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Aether Salon, the First Three Years

Aether Salon, the First Three Years

So, what is a memory you have of Aether Salon? A speaker? A topic? Amusing chatter in the audience? An unexpected event? Please share your thoughts and remembrances, funny, striking, or sad as a comment to this post.

I typically don’t say much during salon because I am constantly switching screens, afraid I will crash and lose the transcript, so I didn’t get to share on Sunday. The lag monster was in force as well that day.

I have been so impressed by the quality of our speakers. Seriously. I realize one can fake pretty much anything nowadays and look like an expert, but the Aether Salon speakers have been able to answer almost any question thrown at them which tells me they were knowledgeable about their subject. They’ve made insightful comments on the fly, based on a remark by someone in the audience. In other words, you all are smart people. Our speakers have wowed us with visuals, from slide shows, posters, models, and yes, even submarines.

Thank you to anyone who attended Salon. Thank for for stopping by and spending time with us. Many times speakers were made more brilliant by clever questions and comments by the audience. Thank you, too, to the faithful salonistas. Many of you have made an effort to join us on the third Sunday of the month, and I humbly thank you.

Please share a memory.
Thank you, Ceejay, for giving us the idea of a memory page.


Ceejay Writer said…
I recall when the salon was futher west, well into Palisade, very close to Her Dark Materials. At that time, the CocoaJava Cafe was cattycornere and across the railroad tracks from the salon.

At the end of each salon, people would wander outside, and keep up conversations in the streets. It was common then to take evening walks, enjoy the sights, take the long way home. (I honestly didn’t teleport except in emergencies, the fun in Babbage was in the journey.)

After Salon, I would wander over to the CocoaJava and relax, gazing at the wall (a favorite sight) and thinking about the topic of the evening. And others, after they wandered about a bit, would invariably join me.

The salon topic would linger in our minds and on our lips, as our conversations amused us through the rest of the evening.

I loved those relaxed, thoughtful, lazy evenings with friends.

Even when Bob came by with a stinkbomb, or banging pots and pans. *grin*

AUGUST 24, 2011 AT 11:06 AM


Breezy Carver said…
I shall start with the proud statement we started so long ago when we were very close together .

For we were and shall always be ” The ladies of New Babbage” !

Each of us full of Second Life ambitions, Ideas and dreams ..

I remember Viv’s first Lily and taped on Canolli to lend a hand ..

She said and I quote .. ” Again” ~ ” you do know how to do this Viv”

I swear, those lilies were so very thoughtful to” each of us” early gifts from you *smiles*
I remember the endless daily emails we all used to share ..
The ones of support, laughter and ideas .. The quick snaps from posts on ning .. grins ..
The ones that encouraged each of to go to task at the interests and visions we had at the time 🙂 .

I remember the Viv gowns .. I remember the Sera endless note taking .. (grins)

Jed (( are you afk)) the for ever hero 🙂 .. Jasper the best true era weapon maker any of us ever saw !

Ah .. smiles I could name lists and lists .. continue to ramble on .. those early days .before, during and after each Salon .

For Together , we laughed so .. We just wanted to welcome all and share this wonderful community we resided in called New Babbage !!
Some of my silly breezy questions for early salons .
Cake do you have cake ??
Do you want The Ordinal Champagne
Do You need a table ? .
*smiles* .

my favorite ….
Would it be alright if I bring my own stage ? *grins*

and I did and you liked it so much . You got one and modded for the joint ! ..

Ah The Salons changed a great deal of New Babbage Social and learning Bar ..all for the better !

It helped do what we all wanted most

To welcome other Steamlanders from all nations to our community !
hugs with many happy twirls always ..
always Breezy ..
SEPTEMBER 17, 2011 AT 10:29 PM

Viv Trafalgar said…
Thank you so much to two of the loveliest ladies I know, Ceejay and Breezy. These are superb memories. Kisses to both of you.
SEPTEMBER 28, 2011 AT 5:38 AM

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