Whimsy! Announcement

Please join us for a very special one year anniversary celebration on October 18 at 2pm: Whimsy!

Dame Ordinal Malaprop, famed not only for her whimsical weapons and defensive gear (the bee gun, the hatpin, the personal ban-line, the grid-crash protection box… [really, I could go on and on]) but also for her wit, and feats of derring-do across the grids, and Miss Hyasynth Tiramsu, the creative breath of fresh air that drives Silent Sparrow (please note the cuttlefish) will shed new light to the meaning and importance – nay, necessity – of Whimsy in these our times.

There’s lots more news coming, but we couldn’t wait to share this one.

See you October 18, at 2pm

Sera & Viv

Whimsy! and New Location
Neither rain nor snow nor people shooting zombies (and hopefully unintentionally shooting me, er… twice – You Know Who You Are) will stop the Salon from moving to its new location – that’s right folks, we are now in residence on two sims at once in order to allow more people to comfortably join us, which is a really good thing given that Ordinal Malaprop and Hyasynth Tiramisu will be speaking on Whimsy in (phew!) 8 days!

So details – you can find the Salon by going to the old location and clicking on the poster for the landmarks. You can walk up the avenue in Palisades towards Academy, and look for the new maze courtyard, donated by our dear friend Sir ArthurConan Doyle, shortly followed by the familiar towers.

Or, you can click either of these SLURLs:

Aether Salon of Babbage, Academy Entrance:

Aether Salon of Babbage, Palisades Entrance:
Some things it is nice to know:
We will have a display up celebrating last year’s speakers very soon. Transcripts are always on this blog.

We hold Salon on the third Sunday of each month – this month the topic is Whimsy! with Ordinal Malaprop and Hyasynth Tiramisu.

The Aether Salon has a year-round occupant, Miss Jedburgh Dagger, who is part of Salon Staff. Her private quarters are just that. Not a public area.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sera & Viv

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