Curses! Announcement

All are welcome to join us at the Aether Salon in Babbage Palisades (located across the street from Her Dark Materials, & conveniently near the train station) for tea and a spirited discussion of: Curses! with a make-your-own-curse craft to follow.

Topics will include curses old and new – both Babbage-centric, such as the dreaded monster hand, the amulet, and our current wandering mummy – and throughout history.* We feel that a solid education on the topic is important to the moral fabric of the Babbage community. All are welcome, including believers, practitioners, and nay-sayers. Bob, you can come too.

We are very grateful to all who are supporting the salon with their experiences, wit, and wisdom.

Salons will take place each month. Participants are kindly requested to bring a low-prim chair (although this may change in the future).

Future suggestions for salons are already streaming in. Our favorites to date, in keeping with the theme of discussion+craft, are certainly Miss CeeJay Writer’s: “Demonic Possession, and crochet your own Cthulu” and “Food safety issues. Canning and preserving your own food. With discussion of what not to eat in Babbage. Django Yifo, guest speaker.”

*Due to popular request, “what’s wrong wiff Bob” will be an optional discussion to follow all salons.

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