Salon Planning

Planning! 2021 with the Salonistas

Due to the nature of a rambling, brainstorming planning session, there will not be an edited version of this Salon.

Liz Wilner: hi Ceejay 🙂
Ceejay Writer: Hi Liz!
Ceejay Writer: Not certain if there is a Salon. I figured I would come and see what happens.
Oriella Charik: hi hi Ceejay!
Ceejay Writer: Hi Hi Hi yourself Oriella!
Liz Wilner: our Ascot talk will have to be May…Ascot happen June 18th…which is too late for a salon before I think
Liz Wilner: or…equine related talk…lol
Ceejay Writer: That sounds perfect to me, gives others plenty of time to get excited about coming to Ascot.
Oriella Charik: and I have ideas about something in the New Year perhaps
Liz Wilner: and the Admiral will do his usual September Pirate salon
Ceejay Writer: I have a Salon prepped and ready to roll out when Baron asks for it, on the topic of… Salon!
Oriella Charik: Salons with horizontal ladies?
Ceejay Writer: laughs A brief overview of salon culture, with a focus on how it pertains to salon society here in SL
Ceejay Writer: Intent is to re-light the spark a bit, remind people it’s not just a lecture series, but a time for wit, culture, participation
Liz Wilner: so you have something for January, Ori?
Emilly Shatner-Orr: No, not then. 😀
Oriella Charik: Or February…
Liz Wilner: hi Emily 🙂
Ceejay Writer waves at Emily
Emilly Shatner-Orr: Hello!
Emilly Shatner-Orr: Well. All right, then! Do let me know if an actual planning Salon takes place. 😀
Ceejay Writer: I think this is the extent of it!
Liz Wilner: not sure where everyone is!
Ceejay Writer: No announcements went out.
Liz Wilner: well…you have February from ori…May from Ori and me…September from Wildstar
Ceejay Writer: I’ll save this bit of chat so we have our planning thoughts.
Liz Wilner: at least that’s something to start with 🙂
Ceejay Writer: And I have Salon! Salon available for any month it suits.
Liz Wilner: and you!
Liz Wilner: so that’s 5
Ceejay Writer: Well then – Pretty damn good for just the few of us here.
Liz Wilner: hehe
Liz Wilner: yep
Ceejay Writer: I do love that you ladies are so dependable. ❤
Liz Wilner: 😀
Liz Wilner: we love the salons…each is so interesting
Ceejay Writer: nods I dearly love Salon – never know what will happen, and I’m fond of the longstanding tradition
Ceejay Writer: OH! If you know anyone pondering being a salon speaker, I have an application form at the website now to help funnel info in.
Ceejay Writer: Just throw them that link. Might be easier than trying to snag the Baron online, etc.
Liz Wilner: ok…will direct anyone who wants to speak there 🙂
Ceejay Writer: Excellent! We should give priority to anyone with a cat-related topic.
Ceejay Writer: winks
Liz Wilner: well…I guess I’ll be going…do you need us to do the application too?
Ceejay Writer: It wouldn’t hurt, if you want to?
Ceejay Writer: Would give us more info we won’t be waiting till the last minute to scramble for.
Liz Wilner: ok
Ceejay Writer: I move we all adjourn for drinks.
Oriella Charik: Hm, will think some more
Liz Wilner: I second that motion, Ceejay 🙂
Ceejay Writer: Motion passed! I have a nice bottle of wine in RL, so I’ll ease on over there to have a glass.
Ceejay Writer: Was lovely to see you all!
Liz Wilner: sounds good!
Liz Wilner: see you…take care 🙂
Oriella Charik: OK, byes!

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