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Pirates! with Wildstar Beaumont (Unedited)

Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Shall we get started?
Cassie Eldemar: Hi Ms Eili
Zantabraxus: Greetings, Elidh
Wildstar Beaumont: let us
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: A few quick points before we start properly.
Charlemagne Allen: please do
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: 1) To ensure you can hear the speaker, stand or sit on the patterned carpet.
Tepic Harlequin: Honeymooner’s salad! Let us alone! hehehe
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Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Admiral Beaumont’s presentations on various aspects of naval history have become so popular, he is now a Salon institution, and returns every September with new and fascinating information. As Admiral of the Rosehaven fleet, he is well versed on all these aspects, and today brings us the Golden Age of Piracy!
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Danke, Herr Admiral, and welcome back.
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach applauds
Wildstar Beaumont: thank you Herr Baron !
Wildstar Beaumont: Arr everyone !
Dee Wells: Arrrrrrrrr
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Arrr.
Wildstar Beaumont: Thanks for coming ! 🙂
OldeSoul Eldemar: Arrr!
Tepic Harlequin: Arrrrrr Captain!
Cassie Eldemar: Arrr 🙂
Wildstar Beaumont: It has become almost a tradition for me to give a naval themed talk in the month of September
Podruly Peccable: arrr!
Charlemagne Allen: wonderful
Wildstar Beaumont: This year the theme focuses on something very popular: the golden age of piracy
Wildstar Beaumont: The golden age of piracy is traditionally considered lasting from the 1650s to 1730s. However, many historians now believe that the majority of plundering and action took place over just a decade from 1716 to 1726
Wildstar Beaumont: This coincides with the end of the Spanish Succession War (1701-14) when many well trained sailors previously employed in the European navies found themselves out of work
Wildstar Beaumont: Many of the merchant sailors previously used by their country’s navies and the privateers who had taken payment in the form of the portion of the spoils turned to piracy.
Wildstar Beaumont: After all the art of plundering was what they knew best
Tepic Harlequin: Transferable skills!
Wildstar Beaumont: During this period in history there was growing merchant traffic in the Atlantic
Stereo Nacht: Good evening Mr. Jervil!
Vernden Jervil: Evening Stereo
Dee Wells waves to Vernden 🙂
Wildstar Beaumont: Ships sailed out of Europe carrying weapons and other manufactured goods to the coast of Africa where they were traded for slaves. The slaves were then shipped to the Caribbean where they were traded for tobacco, cocoa and sugar which was then shipped back to Europe. This was known as the Triangular Transatlantic Slave Trade
Stereo Nacht waves quietly as she tries to find a chair without disturbing anyone
Vernden Jervil waves at where he thinks Dee is
Dee Wells: 😉
Wildstar Beaumont: These trading routes created prime targets for pirates operating in Caribbean waters.
Wildstar Beaumont: In 1715, a group of pirates swooped on Spanish divers attempting to recover the cargo of a galleon which had sunk off the coast of Florida.
Wildstar Beaumont: This would become the richest raid of the Golden Age as the cargo was gold. The pirates were English ex-privateers Henry Jennings, Charles Vane, Samuel Bellamy, Edward England and Benjamin Hornigold who became known as the Flying Gang.
Charlemagne Allen: hello stereo
Wildstar Beaumont: When they went back to Jamaica they found the ports closed to them and the governor was refusing to allow them to spend their plundered gold on the island
Stereo Nacht ponders; “Flying gang wihtout an airship?”
Wildstar Beaumont: This prompted to create a new island base in the Bahamas. The town of Nassau ,in the island of New Providence, which had a harbour that was too shallow for Royal Navy ships to enter became their new ‘home’ (any “Black Sails” fan here ?)
Wildstar Beaumont grins at Captain Stereo
Podruly Peccable raises his hand
Wildstar Beaumont: Sir Pod ?
Vernden Jervil whispers over to Stereo “They didn’t invent airship for at least a few more months…or something”
Dee Wells snickers
Podruly Peccable: Sorry, I’m a fan of Black Sails
Wildstar Beaumont: not until Steam , anyway 😉
Wildstar Beaumont smiles
Wildstar Beaumont: I am too 🙂
Satu Moreau: Hehe
Wildstar Beaumont: Edward Teach (or Thatch), better known as Blackbeard, is perhaps the most famous pirate of the Golden Age of Piracy.
Wildstar Beaumont: more about him later
Charlemagne Allen: i do hope so
Wildstar Beaumont: However the of most successful pirate was a captain who became at least five times richer than Blackbeard. His name was Bartholomew Roberts… otherwise known as Black Bart.
Wildstar Beaumont: However the title* of most successful …
Wildstar Beaumont: Bartholomew Roberts was forced to join a pirate crew after his ship was captured
Wildstar Beaumont: Only six weeks after his capture, Bartholomew Roberts became Captain of Howell Davis’ pirate fleet after the former captain was killed trying to raid a British Island off the coast of Africa.
Tepic Harlequin: blimey…. a good career path then? loads of advancement?
Wildstar Beaumont: Black Bart had adapted quite easily to pirate life and he is quoted to have said : “”In an honest service there is thin commons, low wages, and hard labour; in this, plenty and satiety, pleasure and ease, liberty and power; and who would not balance creditor on this side, when all the hazard that is run for it, at worst, is only a sour look or two at choking. No, a merry life and a short one, shall be my motto.“
Wildstar Beaumont: He went on to successfully capture over 400 ships, acquiring loot with an estimated value of around £23 million.
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach raises his eyebrows
Satu Moreau: Holy cow
Podruly Peccable: Wow
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: What would that be in lindens today?
Wildstar Beaumont: He was eventually killed in 1722 when HMS Swallow spotted his fleet while most crewmen where drunk celebrating the capture of another ship
Cassie Eldemar: goodness
OldeSoul Eldemar: wait – Million ?
Wildstar Beaumont: yep … 23 million pounds
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: At the time, or modern equivalent?
Charlemagne Allen: That’s usually how it happens
Vernden Jervil: and then his ship sank, cause that is heavy (forgive American humor)
Cassie Eldemar: equivalent surely
Charlemagne Allen: drum roll
Wildstar Beaumont: that is a good question Herr Baron … my source did not specify and I wondered myself …
Cassie Eldemar: I remember when an ounce of gold was $32
Vernden Jervil: 23 million is possible, the wealth of the world was moved by ship back then
Podruly Peccable: probably wasn’t on his tax return
Cassie Eldemar: 🙂
Wildstar Beaumont: Many historians believe the death of Black Bart effectively ended the Golden Age of Piracy as it began a trend of expanding the reach of law-enforcing naval ships into previously lawless open seas.
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: That would be around L$7,098,327,200.
Wildstar Beaumont: I would not condier that irrealistinc , considering the value of 400 captured ships
Vernden Jervil: So at least a few months tier
Wildstar Beaumont: 🙂
Cassie Eldemar: oh my goodness
Charlemagne Allen: Did he stash it somewhere?
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Wildstar Beaumont: Despite the golden age of piracy being often associated with the Caribbean, Black Bart’s success and the success of many other pirates may have been inspired by Captain Henry Every, a notorious pirate on the first ‘Pirate Round’ in the Indian Ocean.
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Wildstar Beaumont: The Pirate Round is a term used to describe a piracy route in the Indian Ocean around the end of the 17th century.
Wildstar Beaumont: Thomas Tew, also known as the Rhode Island Pirate, coined the term after successfully raiding ships off the Cape of Good Hope. His success inspired others, including Henry Every, to operate as pirates in the same area.
Wildstar Beaumont: Tew he joined forces with Every and others to target a ship owned by the Mughal Empire in India. Tew was killed in the raid but Every successfully plundered riches worth at least £325,000.
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Wildstar Beaumont: This led to the British East India Company putting a bounty on his head and appointing William Kidd (more on him later) as a privateer to hunt him down
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Wildstar Beaumont: After the raid, Henry Every vanished and nothing is known of his whereabouts after 1696. Legend has it that he established a pirate utopia on a tropical island that has never been identified and lived out the rest of his days as the King of Pirates
Tepic Harlequin: were he the original Billy the Kidd?
Vernden Jervil: hee
Wildstar Beaumont: The fact that he evaded capture despite a hefty bounty on his head no doubt inspired many down-trodden seamen to chance their luck aboard a pirate ship in the Golden Age of Piracy.
Wildstar Beaumont: As you may know – or have guessed – have guessed William Kidd turned to a life of piracy himself.
Wildstar Beaumont: Kidd started was appointed a privateer, to hunt pirates like Henry Every and also raid enemy ships. The King issued Captain Kidd with written permission to apprehend all pirates of any nationality and granted him special permission to attack and plunder all French ships. However, it was also made clear in writing that he must not attack any ship that was a friend of the Crown
Wildstar Beaumont: After month s without any booty , under pressure from a disgruntled crew, he turned to piracy.
Stereo Nacht: So, basically, be a pirate against French ships, arrest all other pirates…
Wildstar Beaumont: yep !
Wildstar Beaumont: that’s basically a privateer 😉
Vernden Jervil: pretty much the life of a privateer
Tepic Harlequin: if yer got a letter from yer King, it’s alright…..
Cassie Eldemar: 🙂
Wildstar Beaumont: After capturing a rich Armenian ship and after heading to the West Indies, Kidd discovered he was being accused of piracy and was a wanted man.
Vernden Jervil: or at least a king, no need to be picky
Stereo Nacht: Hm. Do you think the Guv’nah would provide me such a letter? 😉
Stereo Nacht: (Or maybe the Vicereine?)
Wildstar Beaumont: well … I have such a letter issued by Miss Serra 😉
Stereo Nacht: Ooooh!
Charlemagne Allen: King of the Pirates!
Wildstar Beaumont: Captain Kidd tried to negotiate a pardon but he was arrested and sent to England to be put on trial. The trial is now known to be shamelessly flawed but William Kidd was found guilty and hanged .
Wildstar Beaumont: It took two attempts to hang Captain Kidd as the first rope placed around his neck broke and he dropped to the ground still alive. His corpse was then tarred and placed in an iron cage and displayed to all
Wildstar Beaumont: After his death his legend grew, and the belief that pirates buried their treasure gathered strength- fuelled to this day by tales such as Treasure Island.
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Wildstar Beaumont: From 1716 to 1718, Blackbeard became the most feared pirate in the Caribbean and on the Atlantic. His reign of terror lasted just two years but his legacy lives on to this day.
Wildstar Beaumont: Blackbeard is thought to have been born in England as Edward Teach or Thatch. Little is known of his early life but it’s believed that he may have developed his skills as a sailor working aboard privateering ships
Wildstar Beaumont: He joined Captain Benjamin Hornigold, of Flying Gang fame, on the island of New Providence around 1716. Soon he captured a large French slave ship, La Concorde, which Teach renamed Queen Anne’s Revenge.
Wildstar Beaumont: At the end of 1717 Hornigold retired from piracy and he accepted the King’s Pardon (he had never attacked British cargo even as a pirate). Edward Teach continued to terrorise the seas and his fearsome appearance led to him becoming known as Blackbeard.
Wildstar Beaumont: A man of considerable size, he made himself larger than life by wearing a crimson red coat, long boots and a wide hat, under which he would wear more burning ropes fastened into his hair.
Wildstar Beaumont: So, his reputation alone was enough to make most merchant ships surrender without putting up any sort of fight…
Wildstar Beaumont: Once a ship was captured, all of her crew and passengers would be taken hostage while the cabins were stripped of any jewellery, gold, silver and coins that could be found. Blackbeard was cunning, fearless and ruthless but despite his reputation for cruel treatment, no written or verified record exists of him ever murdering or harming any of his captives.
Wildstar Beaumont: However, there are many legendary tales surrounding his behaviour. It is told that once he shot and killed his own first mate, then saying to his crewmen, “If I don’t shoot one or two of you now and then, you’ll forget who I am.”
Wildstar Beaumont: Blackbeard lived in the pirate haven of Nassau and had bases in the Bahamas and the Carolinas.He did not welcome the arrival of Royal Governor Woodes Rogers in Nassau or the King’s Pardons he offered to all pirates living there. He chose to settle in North Carolina, where,, despite the informal protection of the local governor, he the attention of the Governor of Virginia, Alexander Spotswood, who didn’t like the fact that such a ferocious and notorious character lived nearby.
Stereo Nacht: (INteresting. A pirate who only killed pirates… Of his own ship.)
Wildstar Beaumont: Spotswood hired two small sloops capable of sailing in Blackbeard favourite shallow waters and put them under the command of Lieutenant Robert Maynard.
Wildstar Beaumont: On the evening of November 21st, Maynard and his sloops found Blackbeard’s sloop anchored off the North Carolina coastline. After a day of pursuit and close engagements (Maynard and Bleakbeard were close enough to exchange heated words) one of the two sloops was hit hard with a surprise broadside attack
Wildstar Beaumont: After Maynard tricked Bleakbeard to board his other sloop, it all ended with Maynard and Teach themselves fighting with their swords. Eventually Bleakbeard died of blood loss. loss. Maynard then cut off his head and hung it from his bow.” It is said that Blackbeard had over 20 stab wounds and five gunshot wounds before he died.
Tepic Harlequin: cor! they was tough blokes!
Wildstar Beaumont: In 1996, the sunken remains of a ship believed to be Blackbeard’s Queen Anne’s Revenge were discovered off the coast of North Carolina and thousands of tourists now visit each year.
Stereo Nacht: Maybe he was a construct?
Satu Moreau: You’d be surprised what some people can manage with.
Wildstar Beaumont: Despite Bleakbeard’s fame he’s not considered the most ruthless pirate of them all.
Edward Law holds this questionable title. His red skeleton flag struck terror into the hearts of all who saw it approaching
Vernden Jervil: Could be , the story I heard tells of how he kept swimming after his head was removed
Dee Wells: 0.O
Wildstar Beaumont: Captain Edward ‘Ned’ Low was an active pirate in the Caribbean towards the end of the Golden Age. Born in England into poverty, he moved to New England and switched from pick-pocketing to piracy around 1720. He became a notoriously violent pirate who captured over 100 ships in his three-year career
Wildstar Beaumont: His story is retold less often than those of the likes of Blackbeard or Black Bart. The most likely reason for this is his reputation for brutality against his captives and his crew, making him a cold-hearted murderer rather than a romanticized folk hero.
Wildstar Beaumont: Unlike Blackbeard who cultivated a murderous image but apparently never actually harmed any of his captives, Edward Low did harm his captives by violently torturing them before killing them. He is known for his “mutilations, disembowellings, decapitations, and slaughter” more than his acts of piracy.
Charlemagne Allen: How pleasant
Wildstar Beaumont: The fate of Edward Low is unclear but one belief is that his crew mutinied after he murdered a sleeping crewman and that he was cast adrift without food or water. After being rescued by a French ship, his identity was discovered and he was hanged in Martinique in 1724. However, others believe that he was never caught and lived the rest of his life in Brazil
Wildstar Beaumont: It is rather known that not all pirates were men. Two female pirates were known to be active in the Golden Age of Piracy and both sailed with Captain John Rackham, better known as Calico Jack. Their names were Anne Bonny and Mary Read.
Wildstar Beaumont: Calico Jack had little impact as a pirate in the Caribbean compared to the likes of Black Bart and Blackbeard. However, he did make his mark in history as a brave and daring man.
Wildstar Beaumont: At a point Calico Jack and his pirate crewmen eventually accepted the royal pardon. He met Anne Bonny, the wife of a small-time pirate. They became lovers and she fell pregnant with Jack’s baby and went to Cuba to give birth. Soon after, she returned to Nassau without the child; no-one is sure what became of it.
Liz Wilner: goodness
Wildstar Beaumont: Calico Jack soon got restless on land and made the decision to return to a life of piracy. Anne Bonny joined his crew along with several other ‘retired’ pirates bored of life on shore. One of them was Mary Read, who was dressed as a man.
Wildstar Beaumont: Both women soon gained themselves a reputation for being tough, capable and often ruthless pirates. They were known to fight, drink and swear every bit as well as the men and accounts given by fellow crewmen state that Anne and Mary were bloodthirsty and violent.
Dee Wells waves to Edda 🙂
Edda Borrelly grins 🙂
Wildstar Beaumont: In the October of 1720, Calico Jack’s ship was tracked down by bounty hunters , the whole pirate crew was captured and taken to Jamaica to stand trial.
Wildstar Beaumont: Calico Jack and all his men were hanged in November, but the execution of Bonny and Read was postponed as both women declared they were pregnant.
Wildstar Beaumont: According to legend, Bonny saw Calico Jack one last time before his hanging and said, “I’m sorry to see you here, but if you had fought like a man, you need not have hanged like a dog.”
Stereo Nacht: o.O
Wildstar Beaumont: It’s known that Mary Read developed a fever and died in prison a few months later but the fate of Anne Bonny is a mystery
Wildstar Beaumont: No one knows for sure what became of her but some believe she was eventually freed and, where she became a respectable wife and mother until her death in old age. The only thing that’s known for sure is that there is no record of her execution
Wildstar Beaumont: … and moved to Virginia* where she became a respectable wife and mother …
Wildstar Beaumont: sorry about the missing words
Wildstar Beaumont: Thank you for your attention.
Vernden Jervil: is ok we like playing mad libs
Edda Borrelly: It’s a fascinating subject 🙂
Stereo Nacht: The admiral had his words plundered by literate pirates! O.O
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Wildstar Beaumont: Much was left out since it could not make into a one hour presentation. We haven’t touched the pirate code, the pirate lifestyle, ships and tactics, weapons and ammunitions. We haven’t discussed the jolly roger and the other various flags.
Liz Wilner whispers…welcome, darling 🙂
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Wildstar Beaumont: So, be back in September 2018. I am sure we will have more to tell
Oriella Charik claps
Wildstar Beaumont: 🙂
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Wildstar Beaumont: Arrrr !
Edda Borrelly applauds
Podruly Peccable applauds
Zantabraxus Aristocarnas applauds
Liz Wilner applauds
Dee Wells: Excellent. Thank you, Admiral 🙂
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Satu Moreau claps
Rowan Derryth waves a bottle of rum in appreciation
Vernden Jervil: applauds
Ranulf Falconer: “Well done.”
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Splendid work, as always.
Zantabraxus: (Be right back)
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach applauds
OldeSoul Eldemar: a job well done sir !
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Princess Selena: I am so sorry I missed it :((
Ancasta applauds – fascinating talk, thank you
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: We have some good transcriptionists on board now, Highness.
Liz Wilner: well done 🙂
Podruly Peccable: Very interesting Admiral
Wildstar Beaumont: questions anybody ?
Zantabraxus is Online
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Perhaps vexillology next year?
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach bows over Zanta’s hand
Princess Selena: could you redo the talk now that I a, jere?
Princess Selena: am here
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach chuckles
Wildstar Beaumont smiles … that would be fascinating Herr Baron
Wildstar Beaumont: we can organize a private session in our Library Princess 🙂
Princess Selena: oh nice!
Liz Wilner: the Admiral’s talk was very informative
Princess Selena: i am sure it was wondreful
Wildstar Beaumont: and remember .. the 19th is “talk like a pirate day”
Wildstar Beaumont: but I am sure you all know 🙂
OldeSoul Eldemar: Arrr!!!
Princess Selena: yarrr!
Eilidh McCullough: yarrr
Vernden Jervil: yarrr
Wildstar Beaumont: SL is very much pirate oriented this weekend 🙂
Edda Borrelly: Arrrrrr!
Cassie Eldemar: Very enjoyable, Admiral 🙂
Charlemagne Allen: Wonderful lecture
Vernden Jervil: what day is it anyways I lost track
Wildstar Beaumont: even the snails races as pirates yesterday ! 😉
Charlemagne Allen: How true is the legend of the lost pirate gold? How did that get started?
Wildstar Beaumont: the 19th of September
Edda Borrelly: I’ll practice my “Arrrrrh!” until then 🙂
Wildstar Beaumont: many legends were born around lost gold
Satu Moreau: Hehe
Charlemagne Allen: Friday, Vernden
Wildstar Beaumont: around Henry Every for instance
Wildstar Beaumont: or William Kidd
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Satu Moreau: XD Sunday
Oriella Charik: The book about all this is by Captain Johnson
Oriella Charik: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_General_History_of_the_Pyrates
Wildstar Beaumont: basically every Pirate was said to have hidden gold
Princess Selena: it not like they could walk into a bank or anything
Liz Wilner: lol…nooo
Edda Borrelly: Sunken ships and wishful thinking, I suppose?
Charlemagne Allen: of course
Edda Borrelly grins
Vernden Jervil: reports say they pretty much threw away their money like drunken saliors
Wildstar Beaumont: by the way … if interested , I took much material from this book
Salon Speaker Tipjar: Thank you for supporting the Aether Salon, SelenaAnansi Resident!
Wildstar Beaumont: Auerbach, Patrick. Pirates: The True and Surprising Story of the Pirates of the Caribbean
Stereo Nacht: Good night Admiral Beaumont, Mr. Moreau, Ms. Charik, Ms. Cole, ‘Ti Eilidh, Ms. Moon, Sir Podruly, Admiral JErvilPrincess Selena, Mr. Derryth, Ms. Allen, Ms. Eldemar, Mr. Eldemar, Baron Wulfenbach, Ms. WIlner, and everyone! Off to the dulcimer I go!
Satu Moreau: Night, Ms. Nacht
Vernden Jervil: night!
Liz Wilner: goodnight, Stereo 🙂
Princess Selena: Good nigth
Edda Borrelly: g’night!
Eilidh McCullough: Night all, I’m off too
Wildstar Beaumont: and also this : Johnson, Captain Charles; Defoe, Daniel. HISTORY OF PIRATES – True Story of the Most Notorious Pirates: Charles Vane, Mary Read, Captain Avery, Captain Teach “Blackbeard”, Captain Phillips, Captain … Edward Low, Major Bonnet and many more
Wildstar Beaumont: good night everybody
Wildstar Beaumont: thanks for coming
Єɗℯɳ ℳợợղ: Goodnight all 🙂
Satu Moreau: Thanks for the interesting talk, Mr. Beaumont
Podruly Peccable: Goodnight all, thanks for the talk
Liz Wilner applauds the Admiral
Charlemagne Allen: Thank you very much
Charlemagne Allen: need to poof
Charlemagne Allen: Wonderful lecture
Wulfriðe Blitzen waves to those leaving
Suellen Cole: Thank you for the talk admiral.
OldeSoul Eldemar: Thank you so much sir – it was very interesting
Cassie Eldemar: Thank you again, Wildstar 🙂
Princess Selena claps and give a little arrrrr
Cassie Eldemar: take care everyone 🙂
Salon Speaker Tipjar: Thank you for supporting the Aether Salon, SuellenCole Resident!
Cassie Eldemar: ~ faerie hugs ~
Liz Wilner: you did slendidly, my dear 🙂
OldeSoul Eldemar: take care everyone
Wildstar Beaumont: thank you 🙂
Vernden Jervil: Ok time for me to move along, good to see everyone
Oriella Charik: farewell, all!
Dee Wells: Take care 🙂
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Danke, everyone for attending.
Wulfriðe Blitzen: Take care
Liz Wilner: goodnight all 🙂
Edda Borrelly: Hey, Jed! 🙂
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach bows
Jedburgh Dagger: Hi
Ranulf Falconer: “Greetings!”
Wildstar Beaumont: here’s Miss Jed who hid herself while talking about sails 😉
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Princess, I am glad you came no matter how late.
Liz Wilner: hi Jed 🙂
Satu Moreau: Take care, everyone.
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Hallo, Commodore!
Jedburgh Dagger: oh wait, was it antique day again?
Satu Moreau: And thank you, Mr. Beaumont. Thank you, Baron.
Jedburgh Dagger: Hi!
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach chuckles
Ranulf Falconer: “I am not that old.”
Wildstar Beaumont: heheh
Liz Wilner: lol
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Danke, Highness.
Wildstar Beaumont: afk a second
Princess Selena: If you cant make use of any of that feel free to toss
Edda Borrelly: I just wish I’d gotten here sooner.
Princess Selena: me too Edda
Liz Wilner: the transcript should be up soo…yes?
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: We will have it posted as soon as our transcriptionists can manage.
Wildstar Beaumont: back
Liz Wilner: wb 🙂
Edda Borrelly smiles, “I’ll look for it”
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: I will need copies of the images from the presentation.
Wildstar Beaumont: thank you herr Baron
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Bitte, Herr Admiral.
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Very kind.
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Excellent.
Liz Wilner smiles
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach looks through both new folders with interest
Liz Wilner: so…we are off to the Pirate’s Ball now?
Wildstar Beaumont: that’s the plan 🙂
Liz Wilner: 🙂
Liz Wilner: I should change…I fear i’m overdressed…lol
Edda Borrelly: Pirate’s Ball, that sounds fun
Wildstar Beaumont: @ 2:30 PM – PIRATES SUNDAY Continues: DANCE, YOU SCALLIWAGS! – Pirate Sunday continues at the Holly Kai Pavilion featuring rocking piratical and nautical tunes from DJ Dano Bookmite. Buckle on your swash and join us, to benefit Kenya Feed-a-Smile. Holly Kai Estates (47,147,23)
Edda Borrelly smiles, “Thank you!”
Princess Selena: opps, I am back
Wildstar Beaumont: good night everybody ! thank you for having me again, Herr Baron
Rowan Derryth: So sorry! I was keeping an eye on your talk and writing for Saffia in my other window!
Princess Selena: blasted RL distracted me
Princess Selena: Night Wild and Liz
Liz Wilner: ok…changed…not my usual “go-to”…but this should do 😉
Wildstar Beaumont: RL does that 🙂
Rowan Derryth: It was a great talk 🙂
Rowan Derryth: Lovely the Lady Pirates
Wildstar Beaumont: thank you 🙂
Rowan Derryth: Loved, too
Wildstar Beaumont: good night everyone !
Edda Borrelly: night 🙂
Liz Wilner: ni ni all 🙂
Princess Selena: I shall head out as well
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: I have a concert that dovetails with the Salon, so I will bid you all a gute Nacht.
Wulfriðe Blitzen: Night, folks, have a good week
Edda Borrelly: Gute nacht, Baron
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach lifts a hand in farewell and relocates
Liz Wilner waves to all
Ranulf Falconer: “I surrender Edda.”
Edda Borrelly laughs
Jedburgh Dagger: hmm
Edda Borrelly: Looks good, Ranulf
Ranulf Falconer laughs
Ranulf Falconer: “That is a large sword!”
Jed Hud: gun.
Ranulf Falconer: “Jed looks ready.”
Edda Borrelly shrugs, “It’s only for show, this sword won’t hurt you.”
Ranulf Falconer: “This only hurts in CCS.”
Jed Hud: gun.
Edda Borrelly: Arrrr, let’s rampage!
Jed Hud: gun.
Ranulf Falconer: “See — Jed cuts to the chase — firepower.”
Edda Borrelly grins
Jedburgh Dagger: shall we?
Edda Borrelly: let’s!
Ranulf Falconer nods
Edda Borrelly: if not there, then we’ll find a pirate ship somewhere!
Ranulf Falconer grins

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