Unedited Transcripts

Siam! with Invertigo Caldwell (Unedited)

Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: We shall wait a few moments.
Solace Fairlady: Hello Admiral:) and Capt Stereo
Garnet Psaltery: Hello Miss Nacht
Wildstar Beaumont: good evening all
Linus Lacombe: Hello Admiral, and Ms Stereo
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: Hello!
Garnet Psaltery: Hello Arnold
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: welcome!
Gloriana Maertens waves to all the newcomers
Jimmy Branagh: ((I hope we don;t need the telescreen))
Solace Fairlady: Hello my love!:)
Jimmy Branagh: Hoy Commander
Stereo Nacht: Good day Herr Baron, Frau Löwey, Ms. Solace, Ms. Garnet, Admiral Beaumont, Mr. Lacombe, Mr. Invertigo, and everyone!
Garnet Psaltery: Hello again, Admiral
Jimmy Branagh: ‘ello Miss Stereo
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: We have, hopefully, helped you all preload the images Herr Admiral will be sharing.
Wildstar Beaumont: greeting 🙂
Stereo Nacht: Good day Ms. Andrews!
Garnet Psaltery: Hello the Posgalon ladies :o)
Darlingmonster Ember: waves
Blair Andrews: hello
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Fraulein Andrews, would you like a chair?
Jimmy Branagh: ((The screen is a complete blur to me. I’ll need audio descriptions))
Garnet Psaltery: Is it not rezzing at all for you, Jimmy?
Jimmy Branagh: Red. Otherwise not.
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Have you tried the edit trick?
Jimmy Branagh: Several times
Stereo Nacht: I do have a splash of white in the middle, myself…
Tepic Harlequin: come over by me, Jimmy, looks fine from here….
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Hm.
Garnet Psaltery: Hello Miss Puchkina
Garnet Psaltery: Hello Miss Nika
Tepic Harlequin: any better?
Stereo Nacht: Good day Ms. Hienrichs, Mr. granagh, Mr. Halrequin, Mr Arnold, Ms. Thought-Werk!
Sera waves from her cloud
Jimmy Branagh: Hoy awl thet came in!
Tepic Harlequin: ello 🙂
Nika Thought-werk waves at Captain Nacht.
Garnet Psaltery: Does anyone need a chair?
Jimmy Branagh: Yay! Finally!
Garnet Psaltery: :o)
Jimmy Branagh: Oy can see!
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Crude but effective method.
Nika Thought-werk raises her hand.
Garnet Psaltery: Yes MIss Nika?
Nika Thought-werk: Chair, please?
Garnet Psaltery: /certainly
Nika Thought-werk curtsies.
Tepic Harlequin: there ya go, Jimmy, just needed to be nearer…. yer need glasses? hehehe
Stereo Nacht: How very nice looking you are, Miss Thought-Werk! 🙂
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach looks at his watch
Garnet Psaltery: Do you prefer to stand, Admiral?
Jimmy Branagh: Moighta been thet unoydentifoyd hootch Oy ‘ad last noight …
Nika Thought-werk: Thank you, Miss Garnett!
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: I can use a chair too please
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Very well. Salonistas, I should like to present Admiral Caldwell, late of Steeltopia.
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: my key board is weird
Jimmy Branagh applauds
Jimmy Branagh: Yay!
Sidonie Ancelin applauds
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: Makes me Jump unintentionally when typoing
Rhianon Jameson applauds
Solace Fairlady applauds
Darlingmonster Ember applauds
Arnold purrs
Tepic Harlequin: yer suppose ter wait til we put it through the still tree times, yer know….
Renee Caxton applauds
Nika Thought-werk: And thank you, Captain Nacht.
Jimmy Branagh: Yeh, but Oy wos thirsty!
Linus Lacombe: Probably healthier than the well water.
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo bows
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: He and his weird keyboard will be focussing on the areas of Bangkok, Wat Pho and the Grand Palace in Siam, as the late Dowager Empress of Steeltopia was from that area, and he is most familiar with that part of the land.
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo facepalms
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Remember, bitte, no weaponry to express disapproval, this is not the Jaeger Poetry Slam.
Garnet Psaltery: grins
Jimmy Branagh: Awww …
Darlingmonster Ember smiles
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Throw money instead. All donations to the tipjar on the stage will be presented to our speaker, and do consider contributing to this facility as well if you might.
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Tea and coffee are available from the tables behind you.
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Admiral, bitte, would you begin?
Stereo Nacht: (I thought weaponry was to show approval? Was U wrong all that time? 😉 0
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo nods “Thank you Baron”
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: (Wrong venue.)
Nika Thought-werk: ?me wonders if she might have coffee and tea.
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: Good afternoon ladies and gentlmen
Solace Fairlady waves to Miss Magz
Magda Haiku slips in quietly and waves to all.
Garnet Psaltery: Hello Miss Magz :o)
Nika Thought-werk waves to Miss Magz.
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: It is my pleasure and honor today to be presenting the two most important jewels of Siam, in the capital of Bangkok.
Nika Thought-werk smiles and waves quietly to Miss Sid and Frau Lowey.
Tepic Harlequin: blimey, he’s nicked their crown jewels!
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: The first one will be of the Wat Phro, also known as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: The local name for it is Wat Phra Chettuphon Wimon Mangkhlaram Ratchaworamahawihan,
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: Say THAT 10 times fast
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo grins evily
Jimmy Branagh: Say it one toime regular!
Nika Thought-werk’s Key whispers: The little clockwork hunches over as its gears grind to a halt.
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: it is the oldest and largest temple in Bangkok and
houses more thyan 1000 Buddha images, far more than any within the land of Siam.
Nika Thought-werk’s Key whispers: The doll’s eyes start to flicker as it suddenly seems to come alive. With a tin-edged, recorded voice, it intones: ‘Main core active, dual core present. Access main core? Access dual core?
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: How old?
Stereo Nacht: main core
Nika Thought-werk’s Key: The doll’s eyes blink shut before quickly reopening. It then responds: ‘Main-core access granted. Core reading shall begin from track 4513, bar-line 8, key 52.
Jimmy Branagh: Need a woind Miss Nika?
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: It was buuit in 1782
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: I think Fraulein Stereo managed.
Garnet Psaltery: I just wound her
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach nods
Jimmy Branagh: ‘kay
Nika Thought-werk shakes her head embarrassed and continues listening.
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Very kind, all of you. What a spectaculara image.
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: Named after a monestary in India where Buddha is said to have lived. The temple sits upon the site, Wat Phodharam that was a place for the study and
traditional Thai medicine. Statues in yoga positions were created as well.
Tepic Harlequin: goodness! look at all that gold……… where did yer say this was?
Jimmy Branagh: Whoa, thet’s an oyeful!
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: This is in Wat Pho
Garnet Psaltery: It’s not for stealing
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach chuckles
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: Wait till you see the Reclining Buddha
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: 🙂
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: But before that ….. we will need to take you through the temple grounds
Nika Thought-werk “ahs” at the image on the screen.
Gloriana Maertens murmurs, “I’m not getting a sense of scale from the illustration – where would a man of average height come to – assuming this is on the floor?”
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: Built in 1782-1809 AD, the place went through many changes over the next 260 years. During the reign of King Rama III 1824-1851 AD, medical texts were
inscribed upon plaques and were placed around the temple. Wat Pho is where traditional Thai massage was originated.
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: along the temple grounds, around the main temple itself .. one can come across various Chinese Guardian Statues
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: everyone rezzing ok?
Garnet Psaltery: Yes
Renee Caxton nods yes
Solace Fairlady: Now, yes, thank you
Jimmy Branagh: Yeps!
Garnet Psaltery: Why were they Chinese and not Siamese?
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: One can also find artful wall murials along the outside walls
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: well, due to Chinese influence during ancient times, these statues were brought in many years ago
Garnet Psaltery: Ah I see
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: Around the Burmese, Siam war.
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: Named after a monestary in India where Buddha is said to have lived. The temple sits upon the site, Wat Phodharam that was a place for the study and
traditional Thai medicine. Statues in yoga positions were created as well.
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: Thats a sample of a wall art
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: Depicting all the ancient wars
Stereo Nacht: Interesting…
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: These pictures i tell you do NOT do it justice
Garnet Psaltery nods
Jimmy Branagh: ‘oo’s th’ big scary guy?
Garnet Psaltery: A demon?
Sera murmurs, “amazing.”
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: Yes
Jimmy Branagh: Oooo …
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: A Guardian
Stereo Nacht: A Jägergeneral, I am sure! 😉
Garnet Psaltery: :o)
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: More on those images when we get to the Grand Palace
Garnet Psaltery: Franz’s Siamese cousin
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: Here you will see the Reclining Buddha
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: Thats him right there
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: 46 meters long and 15 meters high.
Magda Haiku: Whoa.
Bookworm Hienrichs whistles softly.
Stereo Nacht: “Whoa” indeed! O.O
Nika Thought-werk admires the soft pinks.
Garnet Psaltery: My goodness
Jimmy Branagh: Thet’s big
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: Gold plating covers his body and he is with pearls in his eyes and on the soles of his feet.
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Might fit in the Castle’s largest hangar.
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach smiles
Garnet Psaltery: :o)
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: hehe
Jimmy Branagh: Those are his toes
Jimmy Branagh chuckles
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: yep!
Garnet Psaltery: Goodness me
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: The bottom of the feet is intricately decorated with 108 scenes in the style of Indian and Chinese.
Jimmy Branagh: WHoa
Garnet Psaltery: I wonder if he’s ticklish?
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: hehe
Garnet Psaltery: Then he’d be the Laugjing Buddha
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: here you see the king responsible for the creation of the temple
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: Kinjg Rama 1
Darlingmonster Ember: sharp dresser
Garnet Psaltery starts to hum Shall We Dance
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: Further on through the years the temple was built upon by King Rama III
Tepic Harlequin: errr… what happened to number two?
Stereo Nacht: He was lazy and did nothing! 😉
Solace Fairlady: Don’t ask
Garnet Psaltery: They called him Ramshackle
Garnet Psaltery: Sorry, Mr. Caldwell
Solace Fairlady: or Ewecuff when he was so inclined, thats why the family dont speak about him
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: was afraid youd ask hehe …. But the reason these two, Rama 1 and II were mentioned was due to their involvment in adding to the temple during their respective times
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: ahh i can not forget … the massage statues
Darlingmonster Ember: ooooo
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: those are the statues near the massage school
Tepic Harlequin: cor blimy!
Garnet Psaltery: Oh dear, he doesn’t look very happy
Gloriana Maertens: …not at all.
Tepic Harlequin: that was a school?
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: This is a ceramic wall decoration
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: can be found throughout the temple
Bookworm Hienrichs wonders how many people are lusting after that for a texture.
Magda Haiku: Massage?
Tepic Harlequin: looks like them ones outside the pubs….
Bookworm Hienrichs: No, the ceramic tiles.
Bookworm Hienrichs: Those were lovely!
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: Here, more gold
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: 🙂
Tepic Harlequin: they must all be very rich, over there…
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: If only that were true 🙂
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: But gold is reserved, or was reserved more for Royalty and the temples
Garnet Psaltery: Naurally
Tepic Harlequin: hmmmphh…
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: Another area of interest is the Grand Palace of Siam
Garnet Psaltery: Hello Captain Clowes
Garnet Psaltery: Oh how pretty
Chess Clowes: Hello there!
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: This area was a long time place of residency for the Royal families through the ages
Gloriana Maertens: Goodness. That looks like gingerbread.
Darlingmonster Ember: tastes good too….
Garnet Psaltery: Yes, a gilded cake perhaps
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: colorful stone giants, these are the demons that guard the palace. The Guardian Demons. The Grand Palace was built by
founder of the Chakri Dynasty King Rama I in 1782 and established Bangkok as Siam’s new capital (Previously Thonburi)
Darlingmonster Ember: er… I suppose anyhow
Tepic Harlequin: geeee…… an the Royal nippers were supposed ter sleep knowin them were outside?
Jimmy Branagh: Are those awl loike guardians too
Garnet Psaltery: :o)
Jimmy Branagh: ?
Bookworm Hienrichs chuckles.
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: WELL if they were protecting THEM
Darlingmonster Ember: nearly as handsome as jaegers
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: im SURE they had a good sleep
Garnet Psaltery: Nearly …
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: :P)
Arnold: Heh.
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: .The result after years of work, the palace turned from simple wood to a vast complex of jewels, gold and splendor, rather
than being a single structure.
Garnet Psaltery: Good heavens
Bookworm Hienrichs: Wow…
Darlingmonster Ember: mmmmm
Tepic Harlequin: errrr…… Mr Mornighton ain’t seeing theis is he?
Jimmy Branagh: Thet’s me ‘ouse when Oy grow up!
Garnet Psaltery: 😀
Darlingmonster Ember: heh
Stereo Nacht: Good luck, Mr Branagh!
Nika Thought-werk giggles at Mister Jimmy.
Stereo Nacht: Try not to destroy it when you invade the country! 😀
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: XD
Garnet Psaltery: I’m amazed it’s still standing
Jimmy Branagh: Naw, Oy meant ‘avin’ it built ‘ere in New Babbage
Darlingmonster Ember: seriously yes
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: nods
Solace Fairlady: It has Guardian Demons
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: It’s not half sooty enough, Herr Jimmy.
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: it is being taken care of and maintained
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach grins
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: every day
Solace Fairlady: obviously they work:)
Garnet Psaltery: How true
Stereo Nacht: Good luck finishing it before SL disappears, then! 😉
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: XD
Nika Thought-werk pokes Miss Nacht.
Darlingmonster Ember: SL has guardian demons too, Cpt Stereo
Garnet Psaltery: The roofs aren’t too complicated
Darlingmonster Ember smiles
Stereo Nacht: 😛
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: This here is the Royal Residence
Nika Thought-werk nods to Miss DME.
Garnet Psaltery: Lots of repetition
Jimmy Branagh: Ooh, thet’s not shabby neither
Stereo Nacht: Yes, Ms. Ember! I know! 😉
Linus Lacombe: They don’t get to live in that rambling palace anymore?
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: Unfortunatly no
Darlingmonster Ember: what time was this palace constructed?
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: during 1782
Darlingmonster Ember: thank you
Tepic Harlequin: very modern looking for the time!
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: By rama 1
Garnet Psaltery: Interesting trees
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: indeed
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: Here you see the various flags of Old Siam
Tepic Harlequin: a White Elephant!
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: Yes
Sera: oh my!
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: Elephants are considered to bring good luck
Garnet Psaltery: In a moment we’ll see Rama I again and we can sing Getting to Know You
Arnold: They are?
Garnet Psaltery: probably because they’re long-lived
Garnet Psaltery: and strong
Tepic Harlequin: yep, great fer the roses…..
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: nods
Gloriana Maertens giggles
Arnold wonders about a pet baby attack elephant.
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: The Wheel is an oriental philosophical symbol, if I recall.
Nika Thought-werk: I think the el’phants look very nice.
Arnold: Nah, could never feed the thing.
Darlingmonster Ember: they resemble heffalumps which are also lucky
Garnet Psaltery: Indeed, in common with many cultures it symbolises eternity and rebirth amongst other things
Linus Lacombe: and also they look a little like snuffleupaguses
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: hehe
Jimmy Branagh: Heffalumps is better than none!
Garnet Psaltery: groans
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: they are fun to ride
Darlingmonster Ember: wince
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: IF you are sitting correctly
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach taps his watch at the Admiral
Garnet Psaltery: Frightening to enemies in war too
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: ALWAYS make SURE you have a seat…. as I found out the hard way
Solace Fairlady: Horses can’t abide the smell of them
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: oooopfff
Garnet Psaltery: Hello ladies
molunia: hello:)
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach looks amused
Rhianon Jameson smiles
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: any questions?
Arnold: Camels and Elephants are fine though.
Arnold: Horses hate both however.
Nika Thought-werk raises her hand.
Sidonie Ancelin chuckles.. “How did you manage to fall off something as broad as an elephant?
Sidonie Ancelin: “
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: Yes Nika
Nika Thought-werk: Sir, do el’phants really get scared over mice? I heard that.
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: hehe
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: I have not witnessed that
Nika Thought-werk blinks.
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: and cant honestly answer Yes or No
Nika Thought-werk nods “Thank you.”
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: But i shoiuld experiment next I return there
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: for..
Arnold: i saw a youtube video once that suggests a yes…
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: science
Nika Thought-werk giggles.
Tania Larnia: mialysmy swoje trzy minuty 🙂
Tania Larnia: We had their three minutes 🙂
Darlingmonster Ember: !!! SCIENCE !!!
Bookworm Hienrichs: ((‘Mythbusters’ had a very interesting result when they tested that. grin))
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: well
Arnold: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WpTSA_25wGE
Arnold: ((The myth busters going after it))
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: thye elephant is as you know TOO wide for sitting
Arnold: ((That link I just did))
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: like a horse
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: you need chairs, seats on top of the beast
Tepic Harlequin: they don’t like ants…..
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: sitting on its head or back like a horse ….
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: ouch …
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: Well, there ARE many ants there in Siam, being a tropical region
Linus Lacombe: many uncles too?
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: This concludes my presentation
Tepic Harlequin: Mr Admiral Sir? a question?
Garnet Psaltery: Thank you
Renee Caxton applauds
Sera: applauds
Jimmy Branagh applauds
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: Thank you all for coming
Sidonie Ancelin applauds!
Nika Thought-werk listens.
Jimmy Branagh: Yay!
Rhianon Jameson applauds
Solace Fairlady applauds
Gloriana Maertens applauds!
Darlingmonster Ember applauds
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: it has been an honor sharing my mom’s culture
Sera: This was interesting! Thank you
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Any last donations for our speaker?
Jimmy Branagh: Thank you Mr. Invertigo!
Nika Thought-werk curtsies to the admiral.
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo bows
Garnet Psaltery: Very interesting indeed
Solace Fairlady: Thank you Mr Caldwell for a very informative talk
Sera: thanks to the Baron and hard working salon staff
Darlingmonster Ember applauds
Jimmy Branagh: ((I have to bow out very quickly. Byee all!))
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: If the Admiral is willing to stay for a few more questions, feel free.
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: thank you for having me!
Bookworm Hienrichs applauds.
Tepic Harlequin: hmmmm……. how big an airship would yer need ter lift that much gold?
Stereo Nacht: Good bye Mr. Branagh!
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: Nods
Nika Thought-werk: Bye, Mister Jimmy!
Bookworm Hienrichs snerks.
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: It depends if it is hollow or not.
Garnet Psaltery: Imagine the import tax, Tepic
Tepic Harlequin: yep, airships got to be hollow, or they sink…..
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach shakes his head in resignataion
Arnold: On my way out
Garnet Psaltery: Cheerio, Arnold
Nika Thought-werk: Well, all … time to go back to the office … be well.
Nika Thought-werk salutes and heads on her way.
Garnet Psaltery: See you later, Miss Nika
Solace Fairlady: Sage travels Miss Nika, Arnold
Solace Fairlady: *safe
Stereo Nacht: Good night Miss Thought-werk!
Nika Thought-werk: And to all of you as well!
Tepic Harlequin: night all, gotta go do some calculations……..
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Gute Nacht, those leaving.
Linus Lacombe: About time for me to depart too. Thank you for a fascinating presentation, Mr Caldwell
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: Good day and good night all! 😀
Garnet Psaltery: Cheerio, leavers
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: Those leaving
Renee Caxton: Good night and thank you Mr Caldwell and Herr Baron
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: 🙂
Wildstar Beaumont: good night all
Darlingmonster Ember: good travels to all
Gloriana Maertens murmurs, “The King of Siam had best look to his purse…”
Stereo Nacht: Good nigth Mr. Alrequin, Ms. Arnold and all those leaving!
Rhianon Jameson: I also wish everyone a good evening. Until next month…
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: I am picking up the tipjar.
Solace Fairlady: Thank Baron for arranging another fine Salon for us!
Solace Fairlady bobs a curtsey
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Bitte.
Stereo Nacht: Erm… *Mr.* Arnold, of course.
Sidonie Ancelin: I was asked to show you this outfit, Invertigo. Is it accurate?
Linus Lacombe waves and vanishes
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: ^^
Gloriana Maertens: A lovely chat…. thank you for holding it!
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Danke, Fraulein.
Garnet Psaltery: Miss Nacht, will you be around later?
Gloriana Maertens waves to assembled and poofs
Garnet Psaltery: Cheerio Miss Maertns
Stereo Nacht: Good night Ms. Maetens!
Sidonie Ancelin discreetly kicks Invertigo’s shins until he answers
Gloriana Maertens: Good evening!
Bookworm Hienrichs laughs.
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Fraulein Bookworm, how is your transcript?
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: That is a wonderful outfit yes
Garnet Psaltery: Mr Caldwell, how did the Dowager die?
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: it fits the thai dances nicely
Bookworm Hienrichs: Should be all right, Baron, thank you.
Garnet Psaltery: Ah pardon me for interrupting!
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Sehr gut. Herr Admiral will send the pictures along.
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: ill be going to Siam next month
Sidonie Ancelin smiles at the Invertigo, then the Baron.. “As usual, you chose well, Herr Baron.”
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: i will send back piccies from the trip
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach grins
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo blushies
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: Glad you enjoyed
Iuʌǝɹʇıƃo: 🙂
Sidonie Ancelin: I’d love to see some pictures from your trip

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