Unedited Transcripts

Tinyology! with Martini Discovolante (Unedited)

Vic Mornington sets out a plate of cookies infront of Martini…
Martini Discovolante: ooooooooo!
Ravelli Ormstein: perhaps i should restart quickly before we start…
Solace Fairlady: hello Kitty! I mean Miss CJ!
Pippy: ^^
Ceejay Writer: Hello!!!
Devnet Caratauc: Hallo Miss Ceejay!
Vic Mornington: ceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeejay! 😀
Ceejay Writer: Hello hello hello! *jumps up and down* Hello!
Jimmy Branagh: Hoy Miss Ceejay!
Solace Fairlady: Hoy Master Jimmy!
Leona Mantara: Wow, some of you tinies are actually taller than me O_O
Ceejay Writer: Hoy Mister Jimmy!
Stereo Nacht: Good day Sir Edward!
Caspian Moonstone le gasp! Yoda is Jimmy?
Astari Saiman wavulates towards the Ceejay. ;3
Caspian Moonstone: All this time?
Jimmy Branagh: Paul is Muad’dib?
Devnet Caratauc looks down at the ground, so far away from her feet.
Edward Pearse: Hullo Miss Nacht!
Tanwy Hazelnut peers over at the very Tiny.
Ceejay Writer: Astari, long time no see! *waves happily*
Solace Fairlady: Good afternoon Sir Edward!
Stereo Nacht: Heee! Tiny puppet today, Miss Caratauc? 😉
Jimmy Branagh: Hoy Miss Solace!
Devnet Caratauc wiggles her tiny fingers in a hopefully scary manner
Eilidh McCullough: Hello Sir Edward
Devnet Caratauc: I am a very frightful ghost dolly.
Edward Pearse: Someone has stoeln part of the salon by the looks 🙂
Astari Saiman: Hehe. I thought I would attend cultural lecture on tinies! I hope I won’t get all tied down like Gulliver.
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Stolen, Sir Edward?
Martini Discovolante: wow! i am so excited to see so many tinies here today!
Edward Pearse points to the missing walls
Caspian Moonstone: Oh look, an M bot!
Vic Mornington drags int he cake table from that hotel across the road…
Edward Pearse: Mmmmm cake!
Solace Fairlady: Bravo Mr Victor!
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach grins
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Excellent idea.
Little M: for the record I’m not actually here, OOC only
Bookworm Hienrichs hears a rumbling in her midsection.
Caspian Moonstone: We know
Solace Fairlady: is AetherSalon one of the new vehicitar avs?
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: As you wish.
Caspian Moonstone pokes M’s tag
Stereo Nacht: Good day Miss Writer!
Devnet Caratauc grabs a cupcake
Stereo Nacht: And good day Mr. Harlequin!
AetherSalon: Yes Solace Fairlady, I am, thank you for asking.
Solace Fairlady: O how wonderful!
AetherSalon: I have been customised by my master.
Ravelli Ormstein: Hi Eilidh
Solace Fairlady: I cant preview them in Firestorm – which one are you based on?
Eilidh McCullough: Hello Ravelli
Ravelli Ormstein: nice to see you again
Eilidh McCullough grins
Eilidh McCullough: How goes the fencing?
Edward Pearse: Why am I not suprised to see Ceejay as a Hello Kitty tiny?
Leona Mantara: ((Going to take a wild guess, I’m invisible to people? =p))
Jimmy Branagh: Hoy Mr. Linus!
Vic Mornington: 😀
Jimmy Branagh: Hoy Mr. Liam!
Daeliah: hi everyone
Linus Lacombe: Hello Master Jimmy
Jimmy Branagh: Hoy Miss Stereo!
Ceejay Writer: I see you, you look wonderful Leona.
Ravelli Ormstein: oh, i don’t fence much these days
Leona Mantara: \o/
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Before we start, let me request that any immediately unneeded HUDs or other scripted devices be removed or put into sleep mode for the comfort of all here. Please also disarm, as Tinies are dangerous enough without mechanical assistance.
Seraph Timeless: Hi
Devnet Caratauc checks her fingers and finds no hud
Linus Lacombe: Ummm
Ravelli Ormstein: i have no huds
Daeliah: I have no trousers
Edward Pearse: I have the right to arm bears!
Ceejay Writer: Yay!
Leona Mantara: We all do, except the armless. -p
Devnet Caratauc: I have the right to arm your bears!
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: The contents of the tipjar here at the edge of the stage will be given to our speaker at the conclusion of the event. Bitte, show your appreciation for her time and talent.
Stereo Nacht: Well, bears without arms would be rather handicapped! 😉
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: I could tell you stories about armed bears.
Devnet Caratauc: I like to arm them with lugers
Vic Mornington looks at the tiny little bunny behind Yoda
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: I should like to introduce our speaker now: Fraulein Martini Discovolante.
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Martini Discovolante is a 5-year resident of Second Life, nearly 4 of them in Caledon. She creates here for both SL and RL projects.
Solace Fairlady Hooooooooos!!!
Ravelli Ormstein: take me in your arms tonight…. *sing*
Seraph Timeless: Can I have my cookies now Vic?
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: She is a Dean of Caledon Oxbridge,and a founder in Caledon Kittiwickshire. That is where you will find her Tiny Shops, and quite often, her.
Leona Mantara claps her lil fairy hands.
Stereo Nacht: `*.¸.*´ APPLAUSE `*.¸.*´APPLAUSE `*.¸.*´
Linus Lacombe: HOOOOOOOO!!!
Caspian Moonstone: 8D
Vic Mornington hands the bunny some cookies and cake
Martini Discovolante curtsies
Sheryl Skytower: *:-.,_,.-:*’“’*Yayyyyyyy!!!!*:-.,_,.-:*’“’*
Ceejay Writer applauds!
Vic Mornington: Dr. Hoooo!
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: I am pleased to also call her a neighbour.
Devnet Caratauc claps!
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach bows
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Fraulein, the Salon is yours.
Seraph Timeless noms
Martini Discovolante: thank you so much!
Martini Discovolante: i must say i am pleased and surprised to see so MANY tinies, and types of tinies here!
Tanwy Hazelnut claps
Vic Mornington: 😀
Yoda: YAY!
Caspian Moonstone: 😀
Caspian Moonstone: I’m a tiny human
Devnet Caratauc waves at Nika!
Martini Discovolante: i have concentrated my presentation mostly on the Wynx Variety, and that iw who i make for….
Stereo Nacht can’t help wondering if Babbage would collapse from a “final tiny riverdance” as we do at the tiny poetry slam… 😉
Martini Discovolante: but i see i will ahve to start revamping my reperatoire!
Devnet Caratauc snickers
Martini Discovolante: (oooh! please wait till after! :P)
Edward Pearse: Babbage is tough. It survived the Raglan carollers
Caspian Moonstone: Revampanator!
Leona Mantara: Not sure I can do those, my meshy form uses normal anims. Would be fun to try
Martini Discovolante: Welcome to Tinyology, a pseudo-scientific look at the virtual folk known as Tinies.
Nika Thought-werk pats the tiny puppet on the head and whispers “I will protect thee from wolves. I so swear it.”
Stereo Nacht: (of course! It’s how we say “goodbye”, not “hello”! 😉 )
Martini Discovolante: Today’s presentation was prepared in advance, and will show as green text in your chat window. It will be augmented by elaborate illustrative slides appearing here on the large viewer.
Martini Discovolante: Please let me know if things go too fast, or too slow, or if you need anything repeated. Or explained — this study is full of lots of esoteric L$5 words, many of which were made up especially for this presentation!
Astari Saiman: Tiny Powerpoint!
Devnet Caratauc giggles a little half crazed and hovers closer to her protector.
Vic Mornington: 😀
Martini Discovolante: Should you need clarification, please ask: but in the interest of time, it would be best for all concerned if you simply nod, harumph, and look knowledgeable, like everyone else.
Solace Fairlady laughs
Claymore Macbain laughs
Martini Discovolante: There are many varieties of small avatars in the Metaverse. But in Second Life, taxonomy divisions are not by the standard Genus or Species, but instead by Origin. Here we see a round up of some of more prolific types:
Linus Lacombe tries to look as knowledgeable as a white squirrel can.
Martini Discovolante: Note the Extrovirtual Tiny is highlighted. That is the variety we will be discussing here today.
Vic Mornington: biggie vulgaris LMAO
Alexis Radikal: Thank you!
Martini Discovolante: The Tinies of Extrovirtual are the oldest, the most prevalent, and >koff!< many firmly believe the smartest, most talented, and most attractive of the smaller-statured in Second Life.
Gwen the Explorer: Where are we?
Gwen the Explorer: And why was the invite so confusing?
Pippy: Pippy looks at the vulpes micromiraculous.
Martini Discovolante: A Short History:
Martini Discovolante: “Tinies” are quite literally the dream-become-virtual-reality of Miss Wynx Whiplash, a RL artist:
Martini Discovolante: “After making the first widely-popular shoulder pets (a term she coined) in Second Life®, Wynx had a vivid dream one night. In the dream, she was surrounded by dozens of small biped animals.
Martini Discovolante: They were dressed in clothing and telling her how much they loved her.
Martini Discovolante: Wynx woke up a woman obsessed. After securing the rights to the magic shrinking animations of fellow avatar maker, Kage Seraph, Wynx made 3 very short animal avatars and dubbed them Tiny avatars.
Vic Mornington: awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Caspian Moonstone: True story?
Martini Discovolante: Kage Seraph is indeed the father of us Short folk!
Martini Discovolante: “The Tinies” struck a chord with the Second Life® population and suddenly Tinydom was a fad bigger than any previously seen on the SL grid.”
Martini Discovolante: tis tru!
Martini Discovolante: ~Source: http://www.jazzpaws.com
Devnet Caratauc: wow
Little M: amazing!
Caspian Moonstone: 😀
Caspian Moonstone: No way!
Ravelli Ormstein prays Wynx
Martini Discovolante: Wynx has gone far beyond those initial three avatars — Shown here are just the bipawdal Tinies: you will also find Four-footed or Quad avs in the form of bears, ponies, ferrets, and others.
Linus Lacombe: Tinies are a fad? Very long lasting then!
Little M: :O
Martini Discovolante: they were–
Martini Discovolante: Communities began to spring up to serve what has gone from a novelty to a full-blown culture.
Ceejay Writer: No, rock and roll is a fad. Tinies are quite permanent.
Martini Discovolante: Zayn Till developed Raglan Shire — today a Tiny Nation of great stature, where Tinies of all persuasions live, party, create, and sell.
Martini Discovolante: It borders Extrovirtual, home to the creations of Wynx Whiplash, Abramelin Wolfe (Abraminations), and Noramyr Gullwing (Flights of Fantasy), all tiny-centric creators in whole or in part.
Vic Mornington: YAY Raglanshire
Martini Discovolante: Says Zayn: “…our goals within Second Life and Inworldz the last several years (non profit, encourage people to interact, collaborate, create and share with each other, the silliness, PLEASE LEAVE THE STATUS QUO AT THE DOOR lol)
Martini Discovolante: Zayn continues… Wynx and myself are a unified front with Jazz Paws as we try to bring The Tinies & Raglan Shire and everything that goes along with this world and its inhabitants to the real world as an animated project.”
Caspian Moonstone: Is this where the first tinie wa happened?
Leona Mantara: Raglanshire win!
Martini Discovolante: Please check out http://www.jazzpaws.com for another great example of Second Life translating in to Real Life!
Sara Calcutt: thank yoyu
Martini Discovolante: Some Choose Tinytude as a way of Second Life, some, like me, are half-time Tiny, and many many more have a Tiny in the closet, a second self, for when times call for a Little change.
Daeliah: ~*~*~ BUNNEH!!!! ~*~*~
Martini Discovolante: But being Tiny is not for everyone. You have the Tiny in you or you do not.
Tepic Harlequin: mostly waffles?
Sea: some have the heart of a tiny – in a Jar 🙂
Chrono Cogshine: waffles!
Steadman Kondor: 🙂 tiny in the closet’s banging to come out!
Baldr Wingtips: can we riverdance now ?
Martini Discovolante: i made space for Syrup too!
Martini Discovolante: For me, I find being Tiny liberating — to be a creature of imagination and memories, without even a vestigial representation of my first or second self,
Pippy: Mmmmm.
Caspian Moonstone: I love waffles!!
Martini Discovolante: and without the burden of the cumbersome role play that bots, monsters, dragons, and other alternative forms seem to require. Tinies can possess great humanity, but without any nod to human features…
Martini Discovolante: unlike the anthropomorphic furs, that display characteristics of sexuality or contemporary beauty.
Edward Pearse: Save the Riverdance for later
Baldr Wingtips: 😀
Martini Discovolante: And there is the cute: you can get away with a lot being this cute.
Ceejay Writer nods to that.
Steadman Kondor: muahaha
Sea nods
Martini Discovolante: Even defoliating most of a rose garden can be forgiven! Sorry again, Miss Snook!
Devnet Caratauc: Like stealing socks.
Ravelli Ormstein: cute? me???
Seraph Timeless: Or cookies
Ravelli Ormstein: where?
Devnet Caratauc: But not waffles
Martini Discovolante: Here we see two entirely random, unknown and unidentifiable Kitty Pirates stealing sheep from the Hatchie World Domination Headquarters and Snack Corral: Isle of Wyrms.
Sea: I like to decorate my firends shops
Steadman Kondor trampled the tulips
Yoda looks around and feels the cute flowing through him.
Nika Thought-werk: I protect from wolves.
Caspian Moonstone: WOLVES!?!
Devnet Caratauc: I like to haunt things
Martini Discovolante: Tinies thrive in nearly every kind of environment and open community (places that do not limit themselves to strictly human representation). Despite many misconceptions:
Nika Thought-werk nods happily.
Gracie Saint Possum: \
Sheryl Skytower: *snorgles merrily*
Leona Mantara: Well, sometimes I’m a waffle-stealing varmint..
Gracie Saint Possum: sowwy cat on keys
Alexis Radikal only borrows waffles on a permanent basis.
Martini Discovolante: Tinies are possible because of their unusual, and highly sophisticated anatomy. Tinies have evolved beyond the need for knees and elbows, and get along well in this efficient compact form.
Sea: we aerodynamic
Jimmy Branagh: Efficient
Martini Discovolante: Demonstrated here via a Modern X-Ray Machine. (Children, and those with delicate constitutions, may wish to turn away for a moment!)
Stereo Nacht: *Cute* waffle-stealing varmint! 😉
Daeliah: EEP
Daeliah: ooh glowy
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Fascinating.
Alexis Radikal blushes.
Caspian Moonstone: Oh GODS… LIGHT!!
Martini Discovolante: Also not for the Squeamish: Strictly for scientific purposes, and with his full permission we disassemble a frog.
Vic Mornington: 😮
Sheryl Skytower: *swoons*
Daeliah: nuu
Jimmy Branagh: Gasp!
Gracie Saint Possum: OHHH MYY GAHHH
Martini Discovolante: Note the basic construction of the CUTEaneous exo-primature, and how the all important Kage Seraph folded AO is central to the Tiny physique.
Ceejay Writer wonders if she still has a recipe for frogs legs.
Leona Mantara: The horror!
Pippy: Noooooo!
Sea: mmmm frog legs
Gracie Saint Possum: Iz dat Vroom??
Caspian Moonstone: Ima vom!! D:
Ravelli Ormstein: textures load very slowly today
Alexis Radikal looks away and doesn’t barf. yet.
Martini Discovolante: Thank you, very much, Mr Green! You may get dressed now!
Martini Discovolante: seeee—he’s OOOOH_KAAAAAY
Devnet Caratauc: Poor froggy
Alexis Radikal phews.
Vic Mornington: YAY!
Linus Lacombe: Now Froggie can go a courtin
Martini Discovolante: As you may surmise from all this, Tinies require special sits, animations, and all garments and accessories are attached prims.
Nika Thought-werk claps.
Daeliah: heehee
Caspian Moonstone: YAY, humiliation!
Ravelli Ormstein: Mr Harrington
Martini Discovolante: (In your Swag Bag, you will find a Tiny Mushroom Seat, created just for this meeting.
Martini Discovolante: Decorative in the garden, it will also provide your Tiny, or Tiny Guest with a comfy and cushiony perch. It is Mod/Copy and will serve many different Tinies.) Mr Black is included!
Daeliah: ooooo swag
Sheryl Skytower: *:-.,_,.-:*’“’*Yayyyyyyy!!!!*:-.,_,.-:*’“’*
Pippy: *Falls for that, but the typist is thinking…uhhh, no they just showed us the first picture again*
Claymore Macbain: SWAG!!!!!!!
Alexis Radikal “borrows” a swag bag.
Martini Discovolante: All Tinies are individuals, and want to look like it.
Daeliah: YESH
Martini Discovolante: Working on this small canvas requires the designer to telegraph their intent by balancing detail and broad strokes without burying the Tiny avatar in the process.
Martini Discovolante: Basically, we are decorating prims and applying them to the Tiny’s prims, or replacing them entirely (don’t worry! any body parts supplanted by clothing are stored safely in the avatar folder!)
Martini Discovolante: And–many joys!– today’s Tiny Wynx Avatars have their scripts in the head, and all other body parts are copy/mod. You can even “Rezz, Dress and Rename” limbs separately to assure proper fit when cheering, playing Critter Ball or Jousting.
Martini Discovolante: And the new SL Viewer allows multiple items worn on a single attachment point, just use ADD to Current Outfit, ADD, or WEAR and choose the appropriate part.
Ceejay Writer: How advanced!
Martini Discovolante: Tiny Life is much easier these days!
Baldr Wingtips: Lions !
Gracie Saint Possum: Yay ADD!!
Tepic Harlequin: have to run, thank you!
Sheryl Skytower: *head explodes*
Sea: we live in wondrous times indeed
Martini Discovolante: ADD is teh happinezzz
Daeliah: tinies really are magical ?
Martini Discovolante: Tiny folk love to dress up, have parties, themed events, and live in many environments. And they love to dress the part.
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach is wearing a Discovolante suit.
Alexis Radikal gives Sheryl a waffle, it makes it all better.
Pippy: Couldn’t wear any clothes without Add I don’t think. ^^
Sheryl Skytower: thankee!
Martini Discovolante: My Tiny work is generally in the Costume, Formal and Victorian realm.
Sheryl Skytower: ooh… pretty….
Ravelli Ormstein is wearing a MD scarf 🙂
Martini Discovolante: I chose the elements most prone the evoke the era aimed for, and create textures for each prim-portion that needs covering.
Daeliah: a bustle like that would totally hide my big bee bum ?
Sea: dont forget teh awesome kraken suit !
Martini Discovolante: You may recognize my look today as “Dr. (Miss) Ephemera Wirefly, my character in the Primgraph’s Graphic Novel, “Quest for the Golden Prim.”
Martini Discovolante: As a Lady of Science, she sports her own invention, the Cavorite Steam Bustle, and a rather worse-for-wear summer dress. Her travel boots replace the original Tiny legs. And the hair is a modified version of a Biggie Favorite from Matreiya.
Ceejay Writer cheers for the Quest!
Linus Lacombe: I certainly recognize Dr Wirefly!
Baldr Wingtips: where’s Crotty ?!
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach chuckles
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: That’s a good question.
Linus Lacombe: Check the wine cellars.
Ahnyanka Delphin wanders in and is suddenly afraid to move.. not wanting to crush anyone.
Caspian Moonstone: Stay ou of the Urchin wine cellar!!
Tanwy Hazelnut knows where Miss Primm is!
Ceejay Writer waves and jumps up and down to catch Ahnya’s attention.
Gracie Saint Possum: I iz awways surprized and happy t’see dat eben in a crowd diz big, no two tinies looks xactly alike
Ravelli Ormstein: oh, she crashed
Gracie Saint Possum: Look like da teacher crash
Vic Mornington: ohhhhhhh dear, shes crashed 😦
Gracie Saint Possum: L?L
Ravelli Ormstein: there!
Tanwy Hazelnut: EEEEEEEK!
Gracie Saint Possum: wb Martini
Ceejay Writer: Welcome back!
AetherSalon: Welcome back Martini Discovolante
Jimmy Branagh: wb Miss:)
Eilidh McCullough: WB
Leona Mantara swipes a cupcake
Martini Discovolante: thankees!
Solace Fairlady: wb Dean martini!
Martini Discovolante: i will need a sec to reset the script
Ravelli Ormstein: wb Martini
Bookworm Hienrichs: And now Edward go boom.
Jimmy Branagh waves to Miss Ahnya
Caspian Moonstone: Bawh-ha-ha-ha!!
Ravelli Ormstein: 30 agents on region
Sheryl Skytower: we iz legion!
AetherSalon: Please consider moving across the simline to Academy of Industry side for better balance.
Bookworm Hienrichs inches carefully over to the other side.
Daeliah: sorry, does that mean just go closer to the board?
Little M: Hello whahahawloaheo…
AetherSalon: To the east, miss.
Bookworm Hienrichs: No, go to the east. Actually away from the screen.
Edward Pearse: Academy has Hello Kitty germs
Vic Mornington: LMAO
Martini Discovolante: Tiny Life is much easier these days!
Bookworm Hienrichs snickers.
Alexis Radikal: Between Gracie and me.
Devnet Caratauc snorts
Martini Discovolante: thinki am reset now!
Tanwy Hazelnut giggles
Solace Fairlady: the thunder of tiny feet!
Martini Discovolante: no more fanci walking around for me!
Daeliah: phew I didnt get lost
Ceejay Writer: Walking is for crazy people!
Devnet Caratauc: You could try skipping
Linus Lacombe: Fancy crazy people
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: No riverdancing until we’re ready to crash the sim, bitte.
Seraph Timeless: I prefer hopping
Martini Discovolante: Tiny folk love to dress up, have parties, themed events, and live in many environments. And they love to dress the part.
Martini Discovolante: My Tiny work is generally in the Costume, Formal and Victorian realm.
Martini Discovolante: I chose the elements most prone the evoke the era aimed for, and create textures for each prim-portion that needs covering.
Martini Discovolante: You may recognize my look today as “Dr. (Miss) Ephemera Wirefly, my character in the Primgraph’s Graphic Novel, “Quest for the Golden Prim.”
Martini Discovolante: As a Lady of Science, she sports her own invention, the Cavorite Steam Bustle, and a rather worse-for-wear summer dress. Her travel boots replace the original Tiny legs. And the hair is a modified version of a Biggie Favorite from Matreiya.
Martini Discovolante: The Hairpins are courtesy of Mr Marion Questi, and his amazing particle-abilities.
Martini Discovolante: Tiny ladies demand fashion and glamour as much as their Biggie counterparts.
Martini Discovolante: Gowns, heels, even faux furs are in high demand, plus eyelashes, and lipstick can be bought in Raglan.
Martini Discovolante: Tiny gents tend to be more casual, but many dress the part when in the Steamlands, or on special occasions. Here is the first Tiny outfit i ever made: for the Guv’nah of Caledon, Desmond Shang.
Bookworm Hienrichs: ((Might want to slow down a bit. That’s a lot of reading.))
Martini Discovolante: soz
Tanwy Hazelnut: (hairpins? hmmm)
Linus Lacombe: Furs in furs
Daeliah: is ok I sound out the big words
Ravelli Ormstein: wait, it rezzes sloooowly
Devnet Caratauc: Des went tiny?
Stereo Nacht: Very nice!
Chrono Cogshine: cavorite, it lifts and supports
Martini Discovolante: Des has had a tiny for years.
Vic Mornington: Des has his own Tiny Guards….
Devnet Caratauc: Seriously? How cute!!!
Solace Fairlady: YThe Gun Bunnehs
Tanwy Hazelnut giggles at the caption
Edward Pearse: Gunbunnehs
Ravelli Ormstein: now the texture comes, ready now
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: They are experiencing a revival, in fact.
Martini Discovolante: he sent me a photo of him Tiny at a meeting with LL 🙂
Steadman Kondor: woot!!
Sea: our plans for world domination coming along nicely
Martini Discovolante: yus! i became a Gun Bunneh recently!
Martini Discovolante: Made for his occasional Tiny self, it is a faithful reproduction off his well-known everyday –and i DO mean EVERY-DAMN-DAY– Guv-suit 🙂
Nika Thought-werk whispers to her friend “Bunnies need guns to protect us from wolves.”
Ravelli Ormstein: i know a linden who is always a tine roboter
Ravelli Ormstein: *tiny, sorry!!!
Vic Mornington: Des dont like changing clothes….rofl
Devnet Caratauc: Are there many wolves in Caledon?
Martini Discovolante: nopers!
Edward Pearse: Guv still has slider hair 🙂
Ceejay Writer: I have a Hello Kitty assault rifle. You can find it on the innerwebs.
Solace Fairlady: Never does!
Devnet Caratauc cackles
Sheryl Skytower: Once you go tiny, you rarely go back… 🙂
Alexis Radikal is married to a wolf. No guns, please?
Gracie Saint Possum: I gotta gun wot shoots lingerie
Martini Discovolante: Most often I find myself making new “legs” to complete the outfit. I do believe mine were the first Tiny High heels, and they are still a big hit. Now nearly every outfit I make includes shoes for gents or ladies
Daeliah: shoes omg i love shoes
Stereo Nacht blushes, as she often goes tiny then back…
Martini Discovolante: Makers rejoice! Tinies can wear many of the same accessories Biggies do; they simply need to be repositioned to accommodate Tiny limb placement.
Caspian Moonstone: Shoes are a bumer 😦
Edward Pearse: Hats are good
Tanwy Hazelnut: HATS!
Leona Mantara: Yes, I did that to my A&A hair
Sheryl Skytower: hats iz easy…
Martini Discovolante: And we may be TINY, but our heads are big! Kitties are especially notorious for their mammoth melons, (heads that is — we are talking TINIES here!). Hair and hats may have to be LARGER than on our Human counterparts.
Sheryl Skytower: I luv hats!
Pippy: I have to resize tiny clothes to fit me!
Gracie Saint Possum: I HATEZ moddin’ biggie hairz
Leona Mantara: Was 10 clicks of a mouse for me
Devnet Caratauc: I hate modding hair period
Sheryl Skytower: i haz none… XD
Liam Bean ponders the size of his head
Martini Discovolante: With such a challenging avatar-type, Tinies are for the most part quite resourceful and adept at adjusting their prims.
Martini Discovolante: But I always offer Free Adjustment and Fitting Services, and I must say, they have rarely been requested.
Sea: oh yes tinies awesome builders
Devnet Caratauc flies over and ponders the size of Mr. Beans head as well.
Edward Pearse: Tiny! Onna stick!
Vic Mornington: LMAO
Gracie Saint Possum: L?L
Sheryl Skytower: •´¨*•.¸. HahahaA •´¨*•.¸.
Kara Kent: Hallo
Leona Mantara: Ooh that looks painful
Jimmy Branagh waves to Miss Kara
Daeliah: I only just learned how to widen dresses. Apologies for all those I mooned when dancing last week 😉
Devnet Caratauc: Hallo Miss Kara!
Vic Mornington: ello Kara
Martini Discovolante: that is a dress dummy, my dun-bunneh!
Kara Kent: Sorry to be late, it took me half an hour to find something properly tiny to wear
AetherSalon: Welcome Kara Kent
Martini Discovolante: welcoem Kara!
Martini Discovolante: Most Tinies are excellent Alteration Tailors. (By the way, NEVER use those words to a Tiny Puppy or Kitty!)
Kara Kent dips a curtsey and trumpets weakly
Tanwy Hazelnut giggles
Martini Discovolante: An important secret to prim-dressing folks who live in active, yet laggy sims is using “zoned textures”:
Gracie Saint Possum: finks “alteration” mebbe better dan “fixed”
Martini Discovolante: Textures involved in one outfit are organized on a single texture, then carefully placed on the proper prims via positioning windows in the EDIT>texture window.
Martini Discovolante: Sounds like a pain, but get it down once, and you will find there are economies of scale. Four textures made, only one needs to rezz! Most outfits require only one or two zoned textures.
Martini Discovolante: And instead of placing 4+ textures on the prims, you need place only the one.
Martini Discovolante: Raglan Shire hosts regular themed events: Medieval~ including jousts, Rat-on-a-Stick and a plague-wagon, The Wild West, Steampunk, Mardi-Gras,
Vic Mornington: rat…on a stick… o.O
Sheryl Skytower: wow
Devnet Caratauc: Bring out your dead!
Daeliah: wrapped in bacon?
Ceejay Writer thinks of bob for some reason.
Edward Pearse: Luvs me some medieval fest
Stereo Nacht: (Tiny slam poetry every Mondays… ;-D )
Bookworm Hienrichs pulls out her Rat Onna Stick.
Martini Discovolante: and many other communities have Tiny-centric events, liek our ValenTiny’s Day party last year in Caledon Tanglewood
Devnet Caratauc: I have a squirrel on a stick.
Ceejay Writer: (lost my stick during the war)
Leona Mantara: Or Wootmas! ^-^
Martini Discovolante: Pirate Week ~ with a pirate cove and kraken hunt, Prehistoric Days, and –of course– Halloween, Valentine’s and Wootmas events. For a complete calendar, visit http://www.raglanshire.com/events/
Daeliah: I found SL just in time for wootmas ?
Vic Mornington: wootmas XD
Devnet Caratauc: The carolers were amazing!
Martini Discovolante: and they do keep the WOOT in Wootmas!
Tanwy Hazelnut: WOOTMAS!
Martini Discovolante: Free vend space is provided on theme areas for creators, and the Creativity Level is pumped up to 11.
Tanwy Hazelnut loves her quad reindeer.
Sheryl Skytower: 11? more like 111 with all the great stuff!
Martini Discovolante: a Squidzillion
Linus Lacombe: HOOOOOOOO!!!
Stereo Nacht: `*.¸.*´ APPLAUSE `*.¸.*´APPLAUSE `*.¸.*´
Daeliah: \o/ Hoooo!
Vic Mornington: Dr. Hoooo!
Darlingmonster Ember applauds
Gracie Saint Possum: ???? APPAWS! ????
Daeliah: Well done !!
Sheryl Skytower: *:-.,_,.-:*’“’*Yayyyyyyy!!!!*:-.,_,.-:*’“’*
Vic Mornington: Dr. Hoooo!
Jimmy Branagh: YAY!
Darlingmonster Ember applauds
Alexis Radikal claps!
Vic Mornington: Dr. Hoooo!
Gracie Saint Possum: Yo DJ, pump this party!
Eilidh McCullough: ???? APPAWS! ????
Darlingmonster Ember applauds
Solace Fairlady Hooooooooos!!!
Sea: appaws
Nika Thought-werk: *:-.,_,.-:*’´ `*. HoOoOoO!¸.*´`’*:-.,_,.-:*
Martini Discovolante: Being Tiny and Creating for Tinies is a pure joy to me. I am still exploring vehicles, poses and gestures but clothing is my main love.
Capella Teal: hoooo
Martini Discovolante: Distilling the essence and energy of a genre, and making it resonate on this small canvas is a challenge I relish.
Leona Mantara claps her hands together, gets lots of cupcake crumbs on Chrono in the process.
Capella Teal: Hooooooooooooooooo!
Martini Discovolante: I try to interpret style, create faithful reproductions, and have had a lot of fun taking contemporary clothing beyond the cute, and into Couture.
Jimmy Branagh: Hoooo!
Martini Discovolante: I thank you all for indulging me this afternoon — I hope I have given a glimpse into something I love, and that you have been inspired to take a little TIny time yourself!
Astari Saiman: :3
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach applauds
Devnet Caratauc applauds!!!!
Solace Fairlady: Cu-ture!
Liam Bean applauds
Devnet Caratauc: That was wonderful!
Jimmy Branagh applauds
Chrono Cogshine: can we ask questions?
Darlingmonster Ember applauds
Solace Fairlady Hooooooooos!!!
Martini Discovolante: you all were the best audience eva!
Ahnyanka Delphin applauds.
Jimmy Branagh: Great Salon!
Martini Discovolante: With your permission, I will end by showing slides of a few Tiny things I have made while taking any questions you may have.
Caspian Moonstone: 8D
Solace Fairlady applauds mightily
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Fraulein Martini, shall we start the Q&A?
Gracie Saint Possum: Wuz gun Martini
Gracie Saint Possum: fun, too
Martini Discovolante: sure!
Solace Fairlady: fabulous presentation Dean!
Gracie Saint Possum: I gotz a giant fat kat sittin’ on my keyboard
Daeliah: that was lovely
Chrono Cogshine raises her hand as she has a question
Ravelli Ormstein applauds
Steadman Kondor applauds 🙂 fantastic!
Gracie Saint Possum: Make it a lil more harder t’make sense
Martini Discovolante: asl away!
Edward Pearse raises a paw
Martini Discovolante: ask rather!
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Chrono first.
Chrono Cogshine: I am curious to know how the relationship between hatchies and tinies began, seeing as they are different races and from different places
Kara Kent: ASL in SL, what a concept!
Martini Discovolante: oooh– honestly? i think it was Miss Peaches Latrell’s ponies broke the ice!
Sea: hatchies and tinies are natural friends IMHO
Martini Discovolante: the hatchies loved them.
Martini Discovolante: adn after that i becah to see a lot of sharing of cookies and waffles going on.
Chrono Cogshine nods
Ceejay Writer: Ah yes. the Waffles.
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach grins at Fraulein Skytower
Martini Discovolante: but that was the first time i saw a lot of hatchiees in Raglan
Sheryl Skytower: *innocent grin*
Martini Discovolante: oh! and it you like– visit the Hatchie Haven in Isle of Wyrms… i helped work on it! 🙂
Vic Mornington: 😀
Tanwy Hazelnut: Ooooh
Gracie Saint Possum: raises paw
Chrono Cogshine: ah yes i know of it, i`m a scholar studying dragons there, thats how i learned of hatchies, thankyou
Solace Fairlady: what are \hatchies, a version of Tinies?
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Sir Edward was next, then Gracie.
Alexis Radikal: Lickle dragons.
Gracie Saint Possum: Hatchies iz lil dwagons
Kara Kent: Sounds like zoomorphic ageplay
Edward Pearse: Tiny dragons
Nika Thought-werk‘s mouth starts to water at the sound of waffles.
Martini Discovolante: Mr Pearse?
Seraph Timeless raises her itty bitty paw
Solace Fairlady: ah ty M Alexzev
Alexis Radikal smiles.
Sheryl Skytower: zooowhoaswha?
Edward Pearse: Something I had to mention, because it still does my head in
Kara Kent: pipples being animals
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Heh.
Edward Pearse: Some time back I saw a shop selling a full range of tiny BDSM gear
Edward Pearse: Leathers, st andrews cross
Baldr Wingtips: !!!
Jimmy Branagh: 80
Daeliah: :O
Martini Discovolante: not on Raglan, i can assure you!
Gracie Saint Possum: waits her turn
Pippy: Eww.
Devnet Caratauc raises an eyebrow.
Vic Mornington: O.o
Kara Kent: Wow, SL has something for everybody’s dream, even the ones you didn’t know you had
Devnet Caratauc: That’s a little icky.
Gracie Saint Possum: Grooossssssss!
Linus Lacombe: Diffrent strokes for diffrent folks
Edward Pearse: No it was on the mainland 🙂
Nika Thought-werk nods.
Martini Discovolante: it is a sad sad thing.
Kara Kent: Mainland.
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Tinies are known for a lack of sexuality.
Nika Thought-werk nods.
Gracie Saint Possum: And dat’s how we LIKES it
Alexis Radikal: Iz married, but when tiny, we only hugs.
Capella Teal sighs
Stereo Nacht: (Despite the number of bunnies…)
Alexis Radikal: Tinies hug. Nots other stuffs.
Sheryl Skytower: tiny leather…. hmm…. iz good for weather!
Edward Pearse: Must be “plushies” then 🙂
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: It’s one of the appeals, however.
Astari Saiman: Bunnies are nice!
Kara Kent: Tinies grow their own fur and leathers
Seraph Timeless: I like bunnies
Sheryl Skytower: And steel! *raps on belly*
Sheryl Skytower: We iz even clockworked!
Vic Mornington: 😀
Daeliah: bunnies are ALWAYS playing cards, that’s where the expression comes from, playing cards like bunnies. *nod nod*
Nika Thought-werk whispers to her friend “I think waffles are nice.”
Gracie Saint Possum: I gotta jet…will ax Martini my question privately latah
Martini Discovolante: Gracie, you had a question?
Gracie Saint Possum: Yuuuuuuuus!
Gracie Saint Possum: lol
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: For those who want to look at a Hatchie, Fraulein Sheryl might be persuaded to model.
Devnet Caratauc nods, getting her hair caught in her strings.
Gracie Saint Possum: I wanna knows wot shop you sells dat dress at? In Raglan at da wharf?
Seraph Timeless: I don’t play cards very much Daeliah
Gracie Saint Possum: Da possum like it
Sheryl Skytower: Well…. technically I iz clockwork dragon, not hatchie.
Martini Discovolante: oh! i never put thsi on out!
Sheryl Skytower: But dragons is dragons is dragons and we iz all lovers of waffles and chocolate!
Martini Discovolante: i am a lazy lazy bunneh
Gracie Saint Possum: pffft
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: My pardon.
Nika Thought-werk gently untangles her friend’s hair and hands her a comb “This might help.”
Stereo Nacht: And Miss Skytower can now be *jaeger* dragon! 😀
Edward Pearse: SLACK!
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Your shop is a ship, nein?
Gracie Saint Possum: Well, iz lovely
Gracie Saint Possum: smiles
Martini Discovolante: edward, thisis the cloosest most tinies get to teh leathers—-the Tiny CatFights!
Devnet Caratauc tries to comb her hair, but gets her hand wrapped up in the strings instead.
Gracie Saint Possum: Been t’da shop at Raglan Wharf…jus’ not see dat dress
Gracie Saint Possum: hehe
Martini Discovolante points to the slide
Sheryl Skytower: ooh….
Gracie Saint Possum: Thot mebbe wuz new
Edward Pearse: Armoured snails
Ravelli Ormstein points at his MD Lolli… extra sweet
Daeliah: omg that is the fiercest snail I ever seens
Vic Mornington: thats freds cousin…
Gracie Saint Possum: Gotta jet tinies….
Gracie Saint Possum: Had fun
Daeliah: seeya Gracie!
Jimmy Branagh: Byee
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Danke, Fraulein.
Vic Mornington: im on an unarmored snail
Eilidh McCullough: Night Gracie
Alexis Radikal: Byebyes Gracie.
Stereo Nacht: Good bye MIss Stain Possum!
Nika Thought-werk untangles her friend’s hands and shrugs “Or not.”
Martini Discovolante: night miss Gracie!\
Pippy: Is she in the Penny Farthing Boys?
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Fraulein Seraph had a question next.
Martini Discovolante: 🙂
Edward Pearse: Snails and garlic. Mmmmmm
Leona Mantara noms a cupcake
Seraph Timeless: How do tinys feel about micros? Are they usually friends?
Stereo Nacht: Ahem… *Saint*
Kara Kent: Nuuuuuuu!
Nika Thought-werk: Night, Miss.
Leona Mantara: Micro’s?
Martini Discovolante: i pretty much think Tinies liek everyone
Steadman Kondor has a question too if enough time
Ravelli Ormstein: aren’t they food?
Arnold: /.I’m a Micro.
Pippy: Pippy waves*
Edward Pearse: Pippy‘s cute too
Martini Discovolante: and they are getting more and more popular
Kara Kent: Tinier than micros. I met my first micro at last Relay For Life — he’s a powerhouse!
Kara Kent: A bit hard to see though
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: The Herr with Passionate Redheads?
Ravelli Ormstein: micro on a stick…
Leona Mantara: Wow, now thats small
Linus Lacombe: I remember one at RFL… Mr Smalls, it seems, was his name
Sheryl Skytower: XD
Kara Kent: Ja Mein Herr.
Martini Discovolante: they are small but have a big foot print
Vic Mornington: Lomgren Smalls….yup
Further Monday: there are also the new mesh petites
Tanwy Hazelnut: I know him!! He fit perfectly into the mini-Steelhead we made!
Kara Kent: Smalls. Brilliant.
Linus Lacombe: Yes, Lomgren Smalls is who I was thinking of.
Sheryl Skytower: mesh petites?
Leona Mantara offers Arnold some of her cupcake
Astari Saiman: Was Biggy Smalls tiny?
Ceejay Writer: So many advances.
Further Monday: i’m wearing one now 🙂
Solace Fairlady: Essentially micro avs, made from mesh, brand name is \Petite
Sheryl Skytower: wow……
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: The fairy avatars are also micro, ja?
Kara Kent: Evidently, Tinies are perfectly happy with Micros. It would be hypotrical not to.
Leona Mantara: Mine is a Mesh Petite from Fallen Gods ^_^
Martini Discovolante: the ones from Fallen Gods are beautiful!
Daeliah: Seraph are you a micro too?
Seraph Timeless nods
Daeliah: ? cuuute
Seraph Timeless: Thank you
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: We have about 15 minutes left.
Vic Mornington: LMAO @ the picture
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Other questions?
Steadman Kondor: yes
Leona Mantara: Enough time for a riverdance then? :p
Edward Pearse: Seraph and Thumper could be related 🙂
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Ja, Herr Steadman.
Steadman Kondor: about poses and anims – any tips
Mavromichali Szondi: Effryvun heff shrunk?
Steadman Kondor: can we use qvanimator like normal?
Sea: ciao eveyrone ty for talk Martini!
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: In a moment, we don’t want to crash yet.
Eilidh McCullough raises a paw
Seraph Timeless giggles at Mr Pearse
Leona Mantara: I do have one question
Martini Discovolante: remember to disengage Joint limits, in Avimator, Steadman!
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach nods at Fraulein Eilidh
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: …then Fraulein Leona.
Steadman Kondor nods and jots it down
Martini Discovolante: then if you liek i have a fold you acna use.
Martini Discovolante: can use, but i thik i have to email it to you.
Steadman Kondor: ok thanks!
Eilidh McCullough: With the zoned textures, do you use a larger resolution, such as 1024×1024?
Martini Discovolante: you canna export from SL ;(
Steadman Kondor: ill send you the email
Martini Discovolante: i do indeed, Eili
Martini Discovolante: as i am zonind 4 512s it still comes out more efficinet
Sheryl Skytower: I iz so happy to be tiny…
Martini Discovolante: and i chave put in more
Martini Discovolante: have*
Martini Discovolante: i have on a build, used 16up
Edward Pearse: Arcadia Asylum was a big proponent of zoned textures
Alexis Radikal: Iz sent Steadman a link for a fold, Miss Martini.
Leona Mantara: Since my ‘micro’ walks and acts like a biggie, are there scripted systems that can lower your jump heights, slow your walking/running speeds, to look somewhat more natural?
Martini Discovolante: oh thank you Alexis!
Alexis Radikal: Iz only finding it an hour before dis class!
Alexis Radikal: 🙂
Darlingmonster Ember curtsies
Solace Fairlady waves to Herr Szondi
Martini Discovolante: i am not sure about Micros, Leona
Darlingmonster Ember: nods to Herr Szondi
Mavromichali Szondi: Hallo Mizz Fairlady 0 computer iz slow undt effrytink grey undt hy iz a cloud
Leona Mantara: Guess I have to code my own D:
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach nods to Herr General.
Darlingmonster Ember: it is that sort of day
Mavromichali Szondi: nods back to DME
Solace Fairlady: Thats the Tiny Effect:)
Mavromichali Szondi: Greetinks Herr Baron
Martini Discovolante: ther eare many Micro Groups, Leons, adn they are very helpful.
Edward Pearse: Micro humans are still new Leona. given enough time I’m sure there will be dedicated AOs
Jorge Serapis: *waves hello to Mavro*
Martini Discovolante: when i first got mine it was indispensible
Nika Thought-werk wonders if the Tiny Effect is the opposite of Mass Effect.
Martini Discovolante: Fallen Gods should have a group.
Mavromichali Szondi: waves to Jorge
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: If there are no other questions at the moment, one last chance to tip our excellent speaker before I pick up the jar and everybody can riverdance.
Solace Fairlady waves ot Jorge wherever he is
Martini Discovolante: hello Jorge!
Sheryl Skytower: *:-.,_,.-:*’“’*Yayyyyyyy!!!!*:-.,_,.-:*’“’*
Devnet Caratauc giggles and then sighs thinking about Mass Effect.
Daeliah: Thank you 🙂
Bookworm Hienrichs applauds Miss Discovolante!
Tanwy Hazelnut jumps up
Leona Mantara: I’ll look into it, code my own if need be.
Darlingmonster Ember: and I must be moving along…. wonderful event
Daeliah: lovely fabulous presentation 😀
Leona Mantara: Thank you
Jimmy Branagh applauds
Stereo Nacht gets ready
Darlingmonster Ember: waves and flits
Ravelli Ormstein applauds
Stereo Nacht: `*.¸.*´ APPLAUSE `*.¸.*´APPLAUSE `*.¸.*´
Kara Kent: Thank uuuu
Daeliah: Ive neber crashed a sim before
Solace Fairlady: Thank you so much Dean martini!
Martini Discovolante: so glad you could make it
Eilidh McCullough: ???? APPAWS! ????
Nika Thought-werk: *:-.,_,.-:*’´ `*. HoOoOoO!¸.*´`’*:-.,_,.-:*
Jorge Serapis: *throws confetti at everyone just coz*
Daeliah: >>> APPLAUSE <<<
Alexis Radikal claps
Solace Fairlady: best talk this year!
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach applauds
Devnet Caratauc applauds!
Linus Lacombe: HOOOOOOOO!!!
Georgiana Penberg claps together her wee paws.
Daeliah: ~ Time to Tiny River Dance ~
Martini Discovolante: i hear drums!!!
Alexis Radikal: ~ Time to Tiny River Dance ! ~
Stereo Nacht: ~ Time to Tiny River Dance ~
Vic Mornington: i bet they are all hungry now…
Ravelli Ormstein: ~ Time to Tiny River Dance ~
Linus Lacombe: ~ Time to Tiny River Dance ~
Eilidh McCullough: ~ Time to Tiny River Dance ~
Martini Discovolante: ~ Time to Tiny River Dance ~
Tanwy Hazelnut: ~ Time to Tiny River Dance ~
Liam Bean: ~ Time to Tiny River Dance ~
Baldr Wingtips: ~ Time to Tiny River Dance ~
Ceejay Writer giggles
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach thinks Tenk is going to hate him for this.
Martini Discovolante: byebye babbage!
Steadman Kondor: /applauds
Mavromichali Szondi: lol
Bookworm Hienrichs laughs.
Vic Mornington releases the giant waffle
Ceejay Writer: WAFFLE!
Steadman Kondor: well done miss discovolante! i enjoyed this talk
Devnet Caratauc giggles at the effect riverdance seems to have on her avatar.
Martini Discovolante: yay!
Kara Kent: Aw, he will have tiny hoof prints in this square but nothing worse
Georgiana Penberg: is that waffle vegan?
Alexis Radikal: Fankies, Miss Martini.
Kara Kent: sankoo!
Martini Discovolante: thank all of you for coming!
Georgiana Penberg: 😉
Jimmy Branagh: How so you Riverdance?
Jimmy Branagh: do
Daeliah: ~ Time to Tiny River Dance ~
Leona Mantara: ~ Time to Micro River Dance ~
Ravelli Ormstein: ~ Time to Tiny River Dance ~
Kara Kent: Very carefully!
Stereo Nacht: You need the gesture, Mr. Branagh!
Devnet Caratauc flits about grabbing waffles instead
Linus Lacombe: A tiny cacophony!
Jimmy Branagh: Ahhhh
Nika Thought-werk claps “Waffles!
Jimmy Branagh: Oh well
Second Life: Items successfully shared.
Georgiana Penberg wants to riverdance
ZHAO-Black-White: Touched.
Ahnyanka Delphin giggles, “Gonna run away now!”
Solace Fairlady: ~ Time to River Dance ~
Second Life: Items successfully shared.
Ahnyanka Delphin: See you!
Mavromichali Szondi: waits for limbs to fly off
Tanwy Hazelnut: ~ Time to Tiny River Dance ~
Solace Fairlady: Thank you Herr baron!
Devnet Caratauc noms on the huge waffle
Steadman Kondor waves to all.
Jimmy Branagh: Thenks Herr Baron
Mavromichali Szondi: wb DME
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach grins
Steadman Kondor: If someone has pix of this events, pls post them and share the links!
Astari Saiman: Ooo~ Kyooooote~
Leona Mantara: One benefit of mesh micros, normal gestures work. Phew
Ceejay Writer: Did Paula Deen butter that waffle?
Sheryl Skytower: •´¨*•.¸. HahahaA •´¨*•.¸.
Devnet Caratauc: No,not enough butter for her.
Martini Discovolante: did everybunny get a swagbag????
Linus Lacombe: Has there been an official SL world record set for “most tinies riverdancing at the same time?”
Eilidh McCullough: YESH
Solace Fairlady: yes thank you Dean – is that an av in there??
Ravelli Ormstein: yes, Martini, many thanks for it
Edward Pearse: We’re Gonna Have Roast Rabbit!
Kara Kent: Good question mister Linus, we should start one!
Ceejay Writer: Thank you for the swag!
Nika Thought-werk smiles at Dancing Yoda.
Alexis Radikal: Nooooo eats rabbit!
Martini Discovolante: there are two avs and two outfits from Oxbridge
Devnet Caratauc: Yes thank you!
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Thank you all for attending!
Solace Fairlady: O thank you!
Alexis Radikal runnin off now. “Fankies!”
Nika Thought-werk: Thank you for having us!
Alexis Radikal waves and poofs
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Come back next month, third Sunday of each month at 2!
Jimmy Branagh: Thenks Miss !
Daeliah: 😀
Edward Pearse: Told ya Babbage was tough
Tanwy Hazelnut: ~ Time to Tiny River Dance ~
Georgiana Penberg tries to figure out how to activate a gesture in V3
Solace Fairlady: Be well all!
Ravelli Ormstein: ~ Time to Tiny River Dance ~
Stereo Nacht: And Babbage survived! X-D
Linus Lacombe: Gracious…it will almost be spring when the next Salon happens
Devnet Caratauc: Thank you very much!
Baldr Wingtips: ~ Time to Tiny River Dance ~
Claymore Macbain: Don’t step on Miss Timeless!
Ceejay Writer: Thank you Martini, and thank you Baron! Wonderful salon!
Jimmy Branagh: ((Okay starving see yas later! Great Salon Miss!))
Mavromichali Szondi: winter wrapup, winter wrapup… 😛
Nika Thought-werk curtsies and waves before poofing.
Devnet Caratauc curtsies mid air and poofs home, dragging red riding hood along with her
Martini Discovolante curtsies
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach waves at those departing
Eilidh McCullough: Thank you, Martini
Jimmy Branagh: Thenks Herr Baron!
Eilidh McCullough: Bye everybunny
Daeliah: Georgiana I’m on 3.2.8 and I just find it in inventory and right click to activate
Ceejay Writer: I am going to depart and … well, grow up a bit!
Stereo Nacht: Good bye everyone! And thank you for the great talk, Miss Discovolante!
Jimmy Branagh: BYeee
Georgiana Penberg: oh thank you
Bookworm Hienrichs: Good day, all!
Linus Lacombe: Good night everyone
Edward Pearse: Ta ta everybunny
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Gute Nacht.
Linus Lacombe waves and vanishes
Daeliah: ni night Linus
Vic Mornington: 😀
Ravelli Ormstein pokes Eilidh
Kara Kent: Was there a swag bag?
Martini Discovolante cleans up her mess
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: It is still here, Frau Kara.
Kara Kent: I just flashed up into chat
Martini Discovolante: yes… here on the stage!
Kara Kent: too busy dancing I guess
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach grins
Tanwy Hazelnut hugs the efelant.
Martini Discovolante: last call for Swagbag!
Claymore Macbain: Great job Miss D.
Kara Kent: Hugs back, ceaefully
Martini Discovolante: thank you Claymore!
Kara Kent: or Caerphilly
Kara Kent: Sankoo… I need to shop for Tinyness
Kara Kent: I’m needing a new perspective on Second Life. This could be it.
Mavromichali Szondi: yay
Martini Discovolante: kara– there are two Tinies ot try out in the swag 🙂
Kara Kent: oo oo try on!
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: They are amazingly affordable.
Ravelli Ormstein: Hi Mavro
Daeliah: the world looks happier from knee-height down, I think 😛
Tanwy Hazelnut: She keeps not making a corgi, though. 😦
Daeliah: I have been looking for a corgi avvie too!
Kara Kent: Maybe a foxy face with the right re-coloring could pass for a Pembie?
Sylkye Taffeta: a Hedgie ridin a snail…dats da bestest
Vic Mornington: 😀
Tanwy Hazelnut: There’s a Furry corgi biped, but that’s all I’ve found.
Mavromichali Szondi: giit huntink all
Mavromichali Szondi: goot*
Kara Kent: I guess we need to learn to do it ourselfs
Daeliah: we need to get the Queen to play SL
Daeliah: she will demand corgis
Kara Kent: I have a private sandboxy where you can work, you know.
Ravelli Ormstein: its so dark
Daeliah: I wish I could make avvies. I only JUST learned how to make a table… and I wouldnt put anything heavy on it, it’s a bit wonky 😉
Claymore Macbain: Good bye eveyone!
Tanwy Hazelnut: Oh! I’d left noon on??
Daeliah: seeya claymore
Ravelli Ormstein: many thanks everyone for this nice event!
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: There.
Daeliah: ahh got my sparkler
Ravelli Ormstein: ah, much better
Kara Kent: Even the bit I was here for, that was very interesting and helpful.
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: It usually does not need lighting, the Salon.
Liam Bean: Good night all
Daeliah: Sparklies!!!
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Frau Kara, there will be a transcript.
Kara Kent: I turned my lites up so I could see the tinies!
Kara Kent: Thank you, Herr Baron.
Sylkye Taffeta: bye tinies!
Ravelli Ormstein: perhaps more clouds today
Daeliah: bye sylkye!
Vic Mornington: have a great day folks! need to head back to the hotel 🙂
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Babbage does have a tendency towards overcast.
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Danke, and gute Nacht.
Daeliah: I guess the snail takes care of his own accomodation.. ?
Kara Kent: /bai bai
Ravelli Ormstein: Gute Nacht Baron
Kara Kent: Bye bye
Tanwy Hazelnut: I have to go feed critters.
Tanwy Hazelnut curtsies
Daeliah: goodnight everytiny. Schlafts gut, Herr Baron
Martini Discovolante: ravelli– what do you think of an expanded Tiny Class for Oxb?
Tanwy Hazelnut: Thank you so much, Miss Martini.
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Bitte, Fraulein.
Martini Discovolante: it was so much fun, tawny!
Tanwy Hazelnut: I’m glad I was able to make it!!
Ravelli Ormstein: as a regularly event?
Tanwy Hazelnut curtsies
Tanwy Hazelnut: Nos da!
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach doubletakes that the little white shape is not litter but in fact Fraulein Timeless.
Ravelli Ormstein: i don’t know if there would be enough interest for a weekly tiny class, but perhaps doing it in a bigger timeframe
Martini Discovolante: bye all! see you laters!
Ravelli Ormstein: bye Martini, later again
Martini Discovolante: i will think on it Rav.. perhaps MAKING yuor own tiny class 😉
Ravelli Ormstein: oh, i haven’t seen Seraph
Seraph Timeless: I’m easy to miss
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Closing the walls, stand clear.
Ravelli Ormstein: but hard to forget!
Seraph Timeless: ?=)
Ravelli Ormstein: oh, we are trapped
Ravelli Ormstein: Baron, many thanks for this event! a great idea and a lot of fun
Ravelli Ormstein: i will leave now, if you both will excuse me
Seraph Timeless: Yes Baron it was a very well done event.
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: It was excellent fortune – nein, the door is to one side – and not the original speaker.
Seraph Timeless: Have a good evening sir
Ravelli Ormstein: wish you both a nice evening, bye bye
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Fraulein Discovolante was a gift.
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Gute Nacht.
Seraph Timeless: I will be off as well Baron and I hope you have a good rest of the day.
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Go pay the tier, Aether.

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