Announcements, Salon Planning

Memories! And A New Salon Building

Welcome to the new Æther Salon season.

The Æther Salon, under new management, was pleased to welcome all past speakers, Salonistas and audience members to celebrate the Salon starting its third year of fascinating exposition, enthralling images and charismatic presenters. The tables were turned as the audience became the guest, with me, Baron Klaus Wulfenbach, and Fraulein Ceejay Writer, asking for fond memories and intriguing subjects to explore.

The new building, to replace the previous structure lost in a tragic, entirely unexpected and thoroughly not suspicious explosion, has also been unveiled and its architect lauded until swooning is induced from cranial over-inflation.

Herr Blackberry Harvey has designed a spacious mechanical building with some similarities to an astronomical observatory. When closed, it is likely to be Bobproof; when open, inviting to passers-by to come in and listen to whichever fascinating speaker might be enlightening an audience that day.

Both an edited and a raw transcript of today’s free-form discussion will be posted soon, in the usual Salon tradition.

Join us next month for our first regular speaker, on the subject of Victuals!


Klaus Wulfenbach
Manager, Æther Salon

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