Submersibles! Announcement

Aether Salon
Sunday, April 19 at 2 pm slt
Babbage Palisade…

Stealth and suprise. Danger in the depths. Harnessing the power of a submersible means being able to approach an enemy undetected, even by the keenest eyes. Nations that control the seas take warning – below the surface, your enemies approach, and the battlefield is changed forever.

On Sunday, April 19, the Aether Salon will examine early submersibles, their impact on the development of the diverse technologies and influence on warfare. There will, of course, also be cake, conversation, and an eye-popping craft to follow.

Joining us will be Mr. Jasper Kiergarten of New Babbage and Armada, who has rebuilt the CSS Hunley in sharp detail. For a broader view, Commodore O’Toole of the Fleet of Wrath Exiles will provide a survey of US Civil-War era submersibles and semi-submersibles from the ‘mystery sub’ of New Orleans through the Union Navy’s ill-fated Alligator boat.

Hold your breath and prepare to dive in to this most interesting and technical topic.

See you at Salon!

Viv & Sera,
Aether Salon of Babbage

Submersibles! Aether Salon – Location Change
Since the Aether Salon is landlocked, for this most exciting event we are moving the salon to the Amphitheatre on Artificial Isle (202,94,22).

We will have a sign with a lm at the salon, and we will send notice with lm to the Aether Salon group chat and Steampunks chat one hour prior to the event.

Miss Viv wasn’t too excited about flooding her salon with water so our speakers could bring their subs. Something about staining her carpet and other silly nonsense.

In case you didn’t catch the first notice. . .

Due to unforeseen circumstances and the capability to add a “field trip” to the venue in order to show off the CSS Hunley cutaway model of Mr. Kiergarten, the AETHER SALON set for Sunday at 2PM, SLT, at the New Babbage Palisades has relocated to The Auditorium at Artificial Isle (click for SLURL).

The Program will commence with a demonstration of Mr. Jasper Kiergarten’s cutaway C.S.S. HUNLEY model, and a description of the build itself (roughly ten minutes).

This presentation will be followed by Commodore Hotspur O’Toole of the Fleet of Wrath Exiles. He will lead a general discussion of the development of Submersibles up until the time of the American Civil War, the use of submersibles as weapons of war, and the technology challenges faced by the pioneers of undersea warfare. (roughly twenty minutes)

The program will end with general questions and comments from the audience.

The Aether Salon is a program of volunteer lectures of general interest to the Steamland community of Second Life.

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