Edited Transcripts

Villains! With Doctor Obolensky and Baron Klaus Wulfenbach

Serafina Puchkina: Miss Viv and I are pleased to welcome you all to the first Aether Salon of the new year. If this is your first salon, you are in for an entertaining hour, and to you returning salonistas, it is nice that you weren’t permanently, er, “altered” by last month’s craft.
We are grateful to many fine people who helped make today’s event a reality – Miss Canolli Capalini of Capalini Fine Furnishings, for her incredibly useful salon chairs, and Miss CeeJay Writer for her support in publicizing this event and for the cappuccino machine and chocolates. Please check out her new cafe across the train tracks. And our grateful thanks to Doctor Obolensky for the amazing craft box. (I admit to playing with the contents of my craft box earlier.)
If you would like to join the Aether Salon group and receive notifications of future salon events, click the lower right hand corner of the large brown sign by the entrance. All tip jar donations go directly to the speakers.
As a courtesy to all, please turn off everything that feeds the lag monster — all HUDs and scripts, AOs, and the like. I encourage you to pencil in your calendars the date of the next salon, Amour! which will be held Sunday, February 15, at 2 pm slt. And now, I turn this over to my partner in crime, the talented Viv Trafalgar who will introduce today’s speakers.
Serafina Puchkina takes a deep breath
Viv Trafalgar: Thank you all for joining us! We have two distinguished speakers (oh we hope we will have two) … one may say they are quite familiar with Villainy.
Doctor Obolensky: Gah, finally.
Roanoke Feuerstein: Huzzah! A non-ruthed Doctor!
Mosseveno Tenk claps and whistles
Redgrrl Llewellyn: YAY!
Baron KlausWulfenbach: You were worrying the damen more than usual, Obolensky.
Jedburgh30 Dagger: Doctor Ruth?
Wiggy Undertone: You’ve met your match now Klaus! *cheers*
Roanoke Feuerstein giggles.
Viv Trafalgar: clears throat
Jasper Kiergarten: ha
Finley Twine laughs.
Viv Trafalgar: And so that you know Just Who You are Dealing With, listen close –
Baron KlausWulfenbach: I doubt that,
Viv Trafalgar: Now on the stage, wearing the snazzy ‘Peaceful Dictator’ ensemble, weighing in at something around 80 kilos, and accompanied by his retinue of variously civilized-yet-threatening types, we have the Baron Klaus Wulfenbach.
Redgrrl Llewellyn: Hurrah Gelving! [grins and adjusts her monocle]
Viv Trafalgar: Known throughout the civilized grid for his floating nation of Europa, his yen for exploration, and his notorious control of Science, the Baron is a force to be reckoned with.
Baron KlausWulfenbach chuckles
Mavromichali Szondi grins… widely
Viv Trafalgar: The Baron is one of the most powerful Sparks – sometimes known as ‘mad scientists’ – of his generation. While declared on the side of good, his experience with the mind of the Villain makes him an expert in his field.
And in the other corner, Babbage’s local her-…er Evil Genius, Doctor Gelving Obolensky (CVB) – weighing in at possibly less than 50 kilos, counting his top hat and mustache, as well as the various devices hidden in his pockets.
Documents have surfaced indicating that Doctor O moved to Carpania from Belgium almost a century ago, and attended the Royal Carpanian School of Science! for several years, before gathering an array of black marks the like of which had not been seen before, or since.
He was apparently discharged before graduation, but the records have been sealed, and then stuffed into a large safe, which was riveted shut, disguised as a giant clam, and then dumped into the middle of the Black Sea. Or so he tells us.
Recently, the fiend has brought his machinations to Caledon and Babbage, and has threatened Steam Sky City with a giant mechanical man known as Lord Smashington II, nearly enslaved all of Babbage with a HypnoRay Cannon of unusual size, and endangered modesty itself via his marketing of the insidious Frock-Be-Gone ray gun.
There are even rumors that the recent disappearance of the Babbage Courthouse and Mole Man Invasion were his work, although, that cannot be confirmed. What evil will this twisted genius next unleash upon the unsuspecting populace?
No one knows…but his credentials for speaking on the subject of Villainy seem apparent.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Doctor Obolensky: Mwaha!
Viv Trafalgar: I give you Doc O and The Baron
Mavromichali Szondi hands out the dried frog pills
Pepys Ponnier: /booos
Annechen Lowey applauds.
Serafina Puchkina applauds
Elina Koskinen claps politely
Ambrose Steampunk:You Cad!
Buck Mosely claps
Redgrrl Llewellyn: claps wildly and grins
Dreddpiratebob Streeter applaudes the evil ones
Agnes Periapse claps happily!
Petunia Schism looks around nervously
Baron KlausWulfenbach shakes Doctor’s hand
Dreddpiratebob Streeter: now… FIGHT!
Finley Twine: YAY!
Mosseveno Tenk applauds
Agnes Periapse shoots A Look at Bob.
Finley Twine:Oy gots bets on tha old one
Redgrrl Llewellyn: he’s small but he’s wiry
Greegar Hellershanks: Hyu get heem, Herr Baron!
Baron KlausWulfenbach: Heh.
Pepys Ponnier: Bob, give’um teh ole Bronx cheer
Mavromichali Szondi: Yah gets him lek hyu did de Gilded Duke!!
Baron KlausWulfenbach: Fraulein Trafalgar, am I to begin?
Doctor Obolensky: In the time-honored tradition of saving the best for last, the Baron will be speaking first.
Greegar Hellershanks: Ve keep de door koverdt!
Viv Trafalgar: Yes please Baron
Baron KlausWulfenbach: Pearls before swine, Obolensky.
Annechen Lowey: Boys.
Baron KlausWulfenbach: I think better on my feet.
Ceejay Writer taps my translator device and worries it it out of steam.
Baron KlausWulfenbach: I am often called a villain in my homeland. However, one must consider who is doing the namecalling.
I began pacifying Europa after The Other devastated vast amounts of land and communities, starting from my own ancestral lands in western-central Transylvania and moving outwards.
This was done for two reasons – one, to honour the work and memory of my friends, Bill and Barry Heterodyne. Secondly, to give my toddler son a place where he could not only grow up safely, but survive to adulthood.
In the process of doing so, I had to deal with other Sparks, the ones who survived the war, as The Other had killed a majority of the major Sparky Houses. Ah… before I continue, do I need to define what I mean by ‘Spark’?
Viv Trafalgar: Please do sir
Ambrose Steampunk:I agree
Buck Mosely: please do
Baron KlausWulfenbach: Ja, very well. The Spark is a usually-hereditary gift of not intelligence as much as creative application of knowledge.
Ceejay Writer silently compares that to a muse.
Baron KlausWulfenbach: The most profound manifestations are usually called ‘mad science’; however, many young Sparks do not even survive their gift, as they are afflicted with megalomania at the same time.
Doctor Obolensky: In other words, the mad scientists of inuitive genius and ability. Baron KlausWulfenbach: Well said. The Heterodyne family has ensured their Spark burns brightly for centuries, and actually seem to warp the nature of reality when they are working.
It is, however, not always that strong. You may have Sparky shoemakers in some small Wasteland border village who will never fully express their ability, due to lack of education and opportunity. I study the Spark, when time and duties allow.
Doctor Obolensky: And of course, they’d be liable to make some quite dangerous shoes.
Viv Trafalgar: chuckles
Baron KlausWulfenbach: Possibly – or dangerous-looking alone. Back then, however, a few powerful Sparks managed to survive the war and try to take advantage of the chaos around them.
Viv Trafalgar: are the Spark Villains sir?
Baron KlausWulfenbach: Not always, but it takes an unusual mind to keep stable in the… hm, what’s the word…
Salazar Jack: Have you detected the Spark in New Babbage, or is it endemic to your realm?
Baron KlausWulfenbach: The rush of such power at their fingertips. It can be intoxicating. I am quite sure there are many Sparks here, but curiously, the manifestation in this realm seems to be far more measured than at home.
Doctor Obolensky: Read: diluted. >snorts<
Baron KlausWulfenbach: Nein, not diluted, but far more sane.
Treloar Parx: Sanity is relative
Baron KlausWulfenbach: Ja, but I still see New Babbage standing. My job back then, as I saw it, was to bring peace to the land – and naturally, those I opposed spoke harshly of me because I denied them their selfish interests.
Baron KlausWulfenbach grins humourlessly
Salazar Jack: Curious… I have heard the ability to fly described in a similar way. Easier to do here than in other worlds.
Agnes Periapse cocks an ear at Mr Jack’s comment.
Baron KlausWulfenbach: Nonetheless, the peace is in place, and they can complain all they like as they ride the trains the empire has financed, without fear of attack.
Doctor Obolensky: Except from your forces, of course, Baron.
Baron KlausWulfenbach: Only if they break the peace, Herr Doktor. I work towards a peaceful and united Europa, one which will be able to stand against threats like The Other and defeat them, rather than piecemeal attempts which only lead to ruin.
Salazar Jack: I have read that your troops followed you through your portal to Caledon and other lands. Will they be coming to New Babbage as well?
Baron KlausWulfenbach: Otherwise, I leave the local rulers to their own devices. I do not micromanage. I believe that is the modern term, ja? They have been seen at Piermont Landing when off-duty, at the dances there.
Viv Trafalgar: ::coughs and mutters something about a politics free zone::
Baron KlausWulfenbach: As invited guests. Otherwise, only at my Consulate office on security duty.
Doctor Obolensky: Yes, keep you questions to ones about villainy, or I’ll get out the beehive gun.
Baron KlausWulfenbach: They are, within the bounds of military duty, free beings.
Viv Trafalgar: Baron, please if you will? Thank you Baron for your views on the topic of despotism. I am sure questions will be asked about the topic however
Baron KlausWulfenbach: Bitte, Fraulein Trafalgar.
Viv Trafalgar: Looks at doc O and wonders what he might be thinking or doing
Doctor Obolensky: >peers at his pocketwatch<
Pepys Ponnier: /pulls out his prayer beads and starts whistling
Doctor Obolensky: Ah, is it over to me then?
Baron KlausWulfenbach: My time is up, Fraulein?
Viv Trafalgar: nods
Baron KlausWulfenbach nods as well
Doctor Obolensky: Sorry, I was just nodding off.
Ceejay Writer applauds politely.
Wiggy Undertone: *chuckles*
Baron KlausWulfenbach: Shame being that old.
Treloar Parx: Self absorbtion is another trait of villainy
Mavromichali Szondi whispers *I heard dot a leck of villainy causes drowsiness*
Ceejay Writer giggles.
Agnes Periapse chuckles quietly.
Magdalena Kamenev snorts in an unladylike fashion.
Doctor Obolensky: Now then, the topic is Villains. Now then, I realise you are a slightly-above average rabble, so can any of you throw out what you think a Villain is? Indeed, I am a Villain. Is a mugger a Villain? I think not.
Treloar Parx: “Moustache twirling, monocle wearing, top hatted, cad’?
Ambrose Steampunk:a cad? a bounder?
Pepys Ponnier: Villains want to crush teh enemies and hear the lamination of teh wemen
Doctor Obolensky: Exactly, a Villain, as opposed to your everyday thug, is a person of style. One can’t just bash someone over the head, and expect to be a noted villain. Now then, I suppose you are all thinking “Why, oh why, is my life plagued with Doctor Obolensky, that horrible villain and stylish man about town?
Well, the answer is rather simple. You lead boring, ordinary lives. And yet, you lack the drive, the vision, and the ability, to crush your neighbors with giant mechanical lobsters.
So of course, someone has to do it for you, or you’d all end up with nothing to talk about. Now then…I’m a genius, and I could have chosen, at some point, to follow the path of the hero. But, let’s face it. Although better than you rabble, heroes have a significant down side.
Do heroes get to ride about in giant mechanical lobsters, crushing buildings beneath their oversized claws? No! Behing a villain is simply more fun.
Plus, the clothes are better. And let me tell you, evil women are far more entertaining than the good ones! At least, I seem to recall that being the case.
Baron KlausWulfenbach looks uncomfortable
Doctor Obolensky: Ah, yes, the poor unfortunate victims. As a villain and a hero do battle overhead, someone has to take on the sad duty of making the world how much better they are than everyone else.
IN other words, when Shopkeeper Smith gets crushed under the Giant Lobster….he’s showing the world how much better the Hero and Villain are. After all, *they* aren’t incompetent enough to get crushed.
So, yes, I salute those wretched idiots who show the world how my creations work.
Myrtil Igaly: But the Villain always loses against the Hero, so the Hero is better than the Villain!
Doctor Obolensky: Ah, young Myrtil…
Doctor Obolensky: Better is a relative term. You see, as I’ve told you, Villains are mostly in it for the fun. But you must remember, that *same* drive is what makes the Heroes come out to do battle with us?
<< no ? >>
You see, Just as the hero and villain battle, and provide meaning and amusement to your little lives, so do we amuse each other. I’m sure you have all wondered, at some point, as to why a villain never seems to be truly defeated. Why we always seem to return, and the hero always returns to battle us. Well, except here….where you don’t have a proper hero.
Agnes Periapse mumbles about the mean level of heroism in a populace.
Mason Barnes: So, a town is terrorized, or the hero and villan fight au nausiem? Redgrrl Llewellyn: fun, power, and personal riches….looks for the down side of Villiany
Doctor Obolensky: Repeatedly, of course? Ad Nauseum? I hope not. After all, it is the responsibility of the Villain to come up with new and more interesting ways to cause havoc.
Now then…I heard some rumblings that you lot have no true hero, just a bunch of part-timers. That is bushwah! Part time heroes are something akin to part time villains. And a part-time villain hardly rates the name. >snorts<
After all, a key point of being a hero or a villain, is the confidence….the out and out ego, if you will… to stand up and say “Yes, I am an Evil Villain!”, or, whatever it is that heroes say
Baron KlausWulfenbach nods
Doctor Obolensky: One does just say “Oh, I think today I’ll be a bit heroic.”
Remington Thursday: Are you recruiting, Dr?
Doctor Obolensky: Recruiting? Not for my own side, of course. Frankly, if any of you were worthy minion material, you would have already turned up at my door.
Now then….ask your questions, but try to keep the really idiotic ones to a minimum.
Viv Trafalgar: one moment please before the questions begin. Thank you very much Doctor O. Thank you very much Baron!
Baron KlausWulfenbach: Bitte.
Viv Trafalgar: Both of you have taken time out of your busy schedules and we are thoroughly grateful
Baron KlausWulfenbach bows from his seat
Doctor Obolensky: Indeed!
Viv Trafalgar: and hope that you have not been treated too badly yet. * Turns to the audience and clears throat * Ladies and gentlemen, we do have open questions coming up. Please keep these questions to the topic of Villainy. No other questions will be answered by our speakers
We thank you so much. Craft boxes will be set out after the last question. Not to be missed
Baron KlausWulfenbach: I want to point out that this is the very attitude I’ve had to spend 20-odd years dealing with at home.
Jedburgh30 Dagger: Bela has a question
Viv Trafalgar: Bela, you first, then Miss Kamenev
Bela Lubezki: why do villains usually talk endless monologues and revealing their secret plans to the tied hero before crushing him (and failing there so the hero can escape)? Magdalena Kamenev: Danke.
Doctor Obolensky: Who exactly are you asking, Sir?
Doctor Obolensky: Ah, allow me.
Viv Trafalgar: nods to Eugenia
Doctor Obolensky: Well, first of all, you may have noticed, that oftentimes, the Villain is smarter than the Hero.
Bela Lubezki: ok…
Doctor Obolensky: Long ago, when the tenets of the Unwritten Rules were being devised, they added that bit, to give the Hero a chance.
Bela Lubezki: ah…
Jedburgh30 Dagger: raises hand
Treloar Parx raises hand for a question
Serafina Puchkina: Miss K, you were next, I believe
Mason Barnes: /raises hand
Baron KlausWulfenbach: He can get fined by the union for that.
Magdalena Kamenev: Why aren’t more women villains? Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. I Enjoy Being a Girl.
Ambrose Steampunk raises hand.
Baron KlausWulfenbach looks at Doctor Alter
Wiggy Undertone raises his hand as well.
Magdalena Kamenev: Culture is rife with examples of evil women and fun women.
Malegatto Alter grins
Serafina Puchkina: (It’s Dagger, Parx, Barnes, Steampunk, and then Undertone)
Doctor Obolensky: Hmmm…well, I think you’d be surprised….there are many evil women, of course.
Magdalena Kamenev: I didn’t say there weren’t any. Just not enough.
Doctor Obolensky: But, women seem to be less likely to actually embrace Villainy.
Magdalena Kamenev: Do either of you have a mentoring program or women villains?
Doctor Obolensky: They’ll be evil, of course, as any man can tell you.
Baron KlausWulfenbach: Oh ja.
Serafina Puchkina: Miss Dagger, your question please?
Viv Trafalgar: one moment
Viv Trafalgar: Miss Eugenia was before miss dagger. my apolobies
Doctor Obolensky: But they’re usually too socially conscious to actually stand on the roof of a building in a storm and laugh maniacally.
Viv Trafalgar: apologies
Serafina Puchkina: Oh sorry!
Jedburgh30 Dagger: I’ll pass
Baron KlausWulfenbach: The Other did just fine, Obolensky.
Baron KlausWulfenbach shakes his head
Marion Questi raises his hand.
Doctor Obolensky: That’s why I said “Usually”, Baron. Do try to keep up.
Baron KlausWulfenbach: She makes up for the rest.
Serafina Puchkina: Miss Burton did you want to ask your question?
Baron KlausWulfenbach: Ah, I think we lost her.
Baron KlausWulfenbach: Perhaps when she returns, ja?
Serafina Puchkina: Then if Miss Dagger passes. ..
Viv Trafalgar: Miss Dagger then
Jedburgh30 Dagger: Parx next
Serafina Puchkina: Yes, Mr. Parx?
Treloar Parx: My question is one of supply gentlemen. Since villains normally live in remote areas, mostly to get around building codes and the like, how hard do you find it keeping up with things like food and aethernet access? The basic essentials?
Baron KlausWulfenbach: If I may?
Ambrose Steampunk raises his had higher
Doctor Obolensky: Indeed.
Serafina Puchkina: (it’s Barnes, Steampunk, and Questi)
Baron KlausWulfenbach: Many of those I have had to deal with were nobles, and had peasantry to exploit for those materials – other than the aethernet access, of course. The roads and such are another matter – many were damaged during the wars, but shank’s mare is still a reliable transport for troops.
Wiggy Undertone: And Undertone?
Serafina Puchkina: (and Undertone. Sorry!)
Doctor Obolensky: Myself, I rely on owning several shipping companies both of the sea and air variety.
Treloar Parx: Private contractors?
Doctor Obolensky: Well, the *think* they are. >chuckles<
Wiggy Undertone: *cough*Fronts for piracy*cough*
Serafina Puchkina: Mr. Barnes, your question?
Mason Barnes: THis is for the Baron. I apolloguize if it’sw not quite completly on topic, please ignore if it’s not enough.
Baron KlausWulfenbach listens
Mason Barnes: you mentioned before sparks and dealing with them, both as a evil mastermind and a ruler, what is your opinon of them. Are they worth allowing, or are they do dangerous and should be stomped out?
Baron KlausWulfenbach: Good question. Those who retain the sanity to be able to comply with the peace… some I employ, some I leave to rule over their own lands. Those which are out of control, are actively dangerous – that’s when I must call in the troops.
Myrtil Igaly raises her hand
Mason Barnes: So it depends. I see.
Salazar Jack raises hand
Mason Barnes: fair enough.
Serafina Puchkina: And Mr, Steampunk, your question?
Baron KlausWulfenbach: I study the Spark so I can, hopefully, eliminate the dangerous part and allow them to be contributors, not destroyers.
Ambrose Steampunk:THis is for Dr. O. IF, as you say, Being a villain is so much more fun, How do you feel about being chaced by mobs of angry citezens with the torches and pitchforks? Is that fun?ks
Doctor Obolensky: Well, it’s better than no response at all.
Baron KlausWulfenbach snickers
Doctor Obolensky: But, with an angry mob, you miss out on all the good soliloquys and the opportunities for duels and the like.
Bela Lubezki: ah, the concept of negative attention, i see
Serafina Puchkina nods: Mr. Questi, your question, sir?
Doctor Obolensky: Invariably, you’re left with the lesser fun of releasing the rabid weasels on them.
Marion Questi: Thank you, we have two very different approaches here: one revels in his villainy and the other would like us to believe he is acting for the greater good. Which should we fear more?
Baron KlausWulfenbach chuckles darkly
Baron KlausWulfenbach: Depends on what you have to hide, Herr Questi.
Marion Questi quickly pats the pistol under his coat…
Doctor Obolensky: Keep your Death Ray handy.
Serafina Puchkina: Thank you for waiting. Mr. Undertone?
Wiggy Undertone: Not so much a question, as a statement to Dr. Obolensky. I must disagree with you as to your justification of the death of innocent victims. All people deserve some measure of dignity and respect! You show neither. Perhaps the true difference between hero and villian is more one of moral fiber or in your case, the lack thereof!!
Doctor Obolensky: Oh, I have some respect for them….it’s just not very much. Viv Trafalgar: Grins and senses a hero in the room.
Buck Mosely rasies his hand
Wiggy Undertone: *folds his arms*
Serafina Puchkina: Miss Igaly, your question?
Myrtil Igaly: This is for the Baron : following Mr Barnes question, would you consider the Doctor Obolensky as being an unsanely mad Spark and then would you launch your troops on him?
Doctor Obolensky: After all, if they were worthwhile, wouldn’t they have the good sense to not be *under* the Giant Lobster?
Baron KlausWulfenbach: Fraulein Igaly, he does seem to have some glimmer of a Spark, but as he is not on my lands, it is not my place to keep the peace unless he attacks me directly.
Baron KlausWulfenbach: Oh, mostly harmless? Ja, from what I’ve seen of his works.
Serafina Puchkina: Thank you! Mr. Jack, your question is next.
Myrtil Igaly plans an evil attack on the Baron with a note signed by the Doctor
Salazar Jack: Thank you. This is to both the Doctor and Baron… do you both see yourselves as villains and if so, are you perfect villians or is there some aspect of villainy that you see yourself needing to improve?
Doctor Obolensky: Well, I guess we know whose shop gets blown up tomorrow. >tisks<
Salazar Jack narrows eyes
Baron KlausWulfenbach: I’m not a villain at all, Herr Jack. I am someone doing what noone else was either willing or capable of doing, at home.
Doctor Obolensky: I, on the other hand, am the perfect villain.
Baron KlausWulfenbach: It’s pragmatism, not villainy. Some are inconvenienced — and others see the larger picture.
Bookworm Hienrichs raises a hand.
Serafina Puchkina: And I believe Mr. Mosely’s question is next
Baron KlausWulfenbach: For an interesting value of ‘perfect’, ja.
Baron KlausWulfenbach grins
Buck Mosely: right then…
Serafina Puchkina: then Miss Book
Remington Thursday raises a hand
Buck Mosely: Mr. Undertone brings u pa good point how would you like it if you were the one under the giant lobster Dr. O ?
Doctor Obolensky: Well, are we talking my *own* Giant Lobster, or someone else’s?
Baron KlausWulfenbach: That’s how many Sparks find themselves doomed, after all. Destroyed by their own hubris – and their own creations turning on them.
Buck Mosely: that’s besudes the point what if you were the one being terrorized or killed for that matter
Doctor Obolensky: I can assure, you Mister Mosely, that I am unlikely to get killed by any falling crustaceans.
Serafina Puchkina: Miss Book, it’s your turn to ask a question.
Doctor Obolensky: There is the difference between myself and the rabble.
Malegatto Alter: I only go under my tock lobster to do the occasional repair…
Doctor Obolensky: And, if I may…. for any of you aspiring to be Villains out there…
Baron KlausWulfenbach chuckles at the Fraulein Doktor’s comment
Doctor Obolensky: If you wish to be an old villain at some point, always have an answer to your own creations.
Baron KlausWulfenbach: Well… you do have some good sense. Good to see, in a way.
Bookworm Hienrichs: Would either of you like to say anything–or hint anything–about your future plans?
Viv Trafalgar: ohhh good question Book
Viv Trafalgar: with regards to villains
Baron KlausWulfenbach grins at Fraulein Trafalgar
Doctor Obolensky: Hmmm….
Baron KlausWulfenbach: I can speak diplomatically; at home, it is ‘station-keeping’. Here, however, the Consulate opened a mission with the Czech Republic, and will open a joint office with New Toulouse and the Province of Edison soon.
Viv Trafalgar: notes that Doc O is less than forthcoming
Doctor Obolensky: Meanwhile, I am simply working on my properties, the Doom Clock and the Observatory.
Baron KlausWulfenbach: I rarely deal with true villainy here.
Viv Trafalgar: and is glad for the Baron’s forthcomingness
Serafina Puchkina: And Thursday Next, I believe ((sorry, Rem. I love Jasper Fforde))
Doctor Obolensky: I have *nothing* else planned.
Viv Trafalgar: ::coughs::
Remington Thursday: ((lol np))
Remington Thursday: An interesting thought… It seems that you both agree on the idea that there is a necessary culling, if you will, of humanity. Though both to different ends. tell me, how do you choose your victims?
Doctor Obolensky: I prefer to think of it more of a “Survival of the Fittest”.
Baron KlausWulfenbach: Culling? Hardly. Those who were infected by slaver wasps from the Other War had to be eliminated for the safety of all – there is no cure. Doctor Obolensky: I am not culling them, it’s just that the less-capable ones tend to get squished.
Remington Thursday: Still, how do you choose which get squished?
Baron KlausWulfenbach: Otherwise… the dead are very inefficient workers. One never knows where a new Spark might arise who will benefit all of humanity.
Doctor Obolensky: Well, I don’t really choose, do I?
Baron KlausWulfenbach: Nein, you create random chaos.
Doctor Obolensky: They just tend to be between me, and where I want to go.
Viv Trafalgar: Ladies and gentlemen
Baron KlausWulfenbach: You may all note that villains also leave a mess behind for others to clean up.
Doctor Obolensky: Exactly! Sooner or later, you’ll learn not to build between my workshop and town hall.
Viv Trafalgar: What a splendid note to end on
Treloar Parx: One final question?
Viv Trafalgar: thank you all for the marvelous … Yes Professor Parx one last question
Treloar Parx: Doctor O, what commission are you receiving on future sales of Dr. Alter’s lobsters?
Doctor Obolensky: Ten percent, and a bulk discount for orders over a dozen. Actually, I wasn’t even aware she made giant lobsters.
Viv Trafalgar: Ladies and Gentlemen thank you so very much. THis has been yet another wonderful hour and a half and we look forward to your returning in February for Amour! wherein we will be auctioning off bachelors and bachelorettes
Doctor Obolensky: Don’t forget to pick up your craft bag. I think you’ll be inspired to Villainy by its contents.
Viv Trafalgar: It is AMAZING, and thanks so much to our two fantastic guests
Doctor Obolensky: Or at least…amusement.
Viv Trafalgar: we couldn’t have done it without you
Serafina Puchkina: We are so grateful to our two wonderful speakers today! Please im Miss Viv if you would like to tip the two gentlemen
Baron KlausWulfenbach: As I was not able to contribute to the craft box in time, let me share the address of the fictionalised histories of my land, ja? http://www.girlgenius.net
Serafina Puchkina: Thank you, Baron!
Viv Trafalgar: Please feel free to stay and play with your new toys
Serafina Puchkina: The toys are amazing!
Viv Trafalgar: and also – dah-duhm! Please visit the Cafe across the street which is a wonderful new gift to the Palisades
Serafina Puchkina: Thank you all for coming! Again, the craft is much fun! Please
Viv Trafalgar: Gentlemen and ladies of Steelhead, thank you so much for coming
TotalLunar Eclipse bows to Miss Viv
Viv Trafalgar: It is a pleasure to have you visit.
TotalLunar Eclipse smiles
Baron KlausWulfenbach: Danke, everyone.

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